End of Week 336 – It’s time….


Well, chemo is kicking my ass so this will be short. I have an appointment with my oncologist tomorrow, and tomorrow is midterms.

I don’t know if I’ll be able to drive myself to the doctor, but I certainly am going to vote. It would be easy to stay home – Delaware is a pretty safely blue state as far as our state-wide offices go. Our governor is not up for re-election for another 2 years. This time we have a senator (Carper) and our single US Rep (Rochester) running and although I’m pretty sure they are each going to win I want to vote for them, and will not let chemo stop me.

Today is rainy and blustery. I’m hoping all this goes away before tomorrow. We need good weather for a big turnout. I do not believe in polls, except the one poll that counts – voting. However, many polls are saying the GOP may lose control of the US House of Reps. That would be good. It would be a first step in establishing checks on the person currently pretending to be a president. SCROTUS is trying to salvage the situation; barnstorming across the country.

The problem is his campaigning is based on hatred of anyone who is not white. SCROTUS also prefers those who are rich, male, and who can help him with his personal finances, but he is not saying that to his base, most of whom are white but not rich (and not very intelligent, unfortunately). Despite shootings, mail bombs, and attacks on places of worship, SCROTUS still promotes his platform of hating anyone of color or who may be different in any other way. He is violating the law by sending troops to secure our southern border against a caravan of immigrants that is still hundreds of miles away. It is all just a show for the election.

VOTE!! VOTE BLUE!! The existence of our republic depends on controlling SCROTUS.

Until next time….


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