End of Week 334 – Conspiracies of the Right…


I’ve posted this picture before. It is old, but it shows so many of the people who are important to me; people I love. I talk a lot of politics on this site, but since I’ve started down this cancer treatment road I’ve realized that friends, family, and love are much more important to me! Following politics helps keep my mind sharp, but these people are an example of who keeps me emotionally grounded.

Politics, however, is always in the news. In my last post I discussed the disappearance of journalist Jamal Khashoggi (JK), Saudi citizen and legal, permanent resident of Northern VA, USA, and a contributor to WashPo. When last we discussed this situation, Saudi Arabia was maintaining JK left their Turkish consulate on his own, which made no sense. Well, this story, and the reaction of SCROTUS, has gone through a LOT of changes since then.

Saudi Arabia now admits JK was killed in their Turkish consulate, but they say it was an accident stemming from a fist fight. This is as ridiculous as saying he walked out and left his fiancée standing on the Turkish street. Maybe more ridiculous. Consider what the world knows about this:

JK went to the consulate to get forms needed to get married. They told him to come back on October 2nd to pick up the forms. He did, and he disappeared.

The world has seen video of Saudi thugs arriving in Turkey, arriving at the consulate, and leaving the consulate. It has been confirmed that a “dissection specialist” with a bone saw was part of that group.

The world has seen video of a “body double” pretending to be JK, wearing his clothes, and then changing back and ditching JK’s clothes.

The Saudi government has never said a word about where the body is. If JK died accidentally in a fight, there would be no reason to keep the location of the body secret.

SCROTUS has changed from believing the Saudi prince to saying the SA government is covering up the murder. He has talked about yanking the visas of some SA nationals. What the world is not seeing or hearing is anything that affects the arms deal between SA and the US, or anything that affects the personal monetary deals SCROTUS has with SA. That’s a lot. SCROTUS is deep in SA’s debt and he won’t do anything to endanger his relationship with them.

Everything about this grisly murder points to premeditation on the part of the Saudi government, and we all know nothing happens connected to SA without the crown prince knowing. SCROTUS is trying to ride the wave, using midterms and a migrant caravan as distractions, until he can just resume normal business with SA and make more money for himself.

Speaking of midterms and caravans; there is a “caravan” of immigrants working their way from Central America, through Mexico, with the US as their ultimate goal. What’s interesting about this is SCROTUS and the GOP are claiming the caravan is being funded by the Democrats. SCROTUS and the GOP are talking about this caravan at every opportunity; making false and unproven statements about it with no supporting evidence; using it for fear mongering to rile up their bigoted, hate filled, xenophobic, racist base.

This migrant caravan is a weapon ready-made for the GOP. It is doing nothing for the Democrats and in fact may hurt them in midterms since the Dems do not appeal to voters who react with racism and hate. So why would the Dems fund such a caravan? Simple – they wouldn’t. If there is any outside American funding (which I doubt), it is probably coming from the GOP, the Koch brothers, or other conservative fear mongers. It is the only thing that makes sense. They are the only ones benefiting from the lies being told.

Mainstream Media is playing right into the GOP’s trap, covering the caravan every step of the way, despite the fact that they are at least 6 weeks from the US/Mexico border. It would be nice if they would stop reporting on it for a while since all that does is fuel the hate of those who support SCROTUS.

Until next week….


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