End of Week 332 – The Predictable Disaster Happens….


Ok, Kavanaugh is on SCOTUS. Happened over the weekend. I knew that was how it was going to end. The GOP is in control and they restricted the follow-up investigation. Once the vote was taken Saturday night they brought Kavanaugh (BK) in for a sneak swearing-in before anything could go wrong.

The aftermath is interesting. Two senators are having to explain their votes for Kavanaugh – Republican Susan Collins of Maine, and Democrat Joe Manchin of WVA. WVA is a “red” state. Manchin broke with his party to support BK, probably because he is from a red state and it appears he is up for reelection. The people of WVA are in a “no win” situation. Manchin is the Democratic candidate, but that doesn’t seem to mean much since he will vote GOP when it is expedient and benefits him. So, WVA has either a DINO (dem in name only) senator, or a genuine GOP senator. Either way the vote results are the same.

Collins is different. She is not up for reelection, and I’m sure she is counting on everyone forgetting about what she has done and said in 2018 prior to her reelection in 2020. Even though she is from Maine, considered a blue state, she appears to be so comfortable in her position that she doesn’t have to worry about what anyone thinks.

Collins spent most of the weekend after the vote explaining on various talk shows and in news interviews why she voted to confirm. During those explanations she managed to insult Dr. Ford (Kavanaugh’s main accuser), express doubt as to Dr. Ford’s mental abilities, talk patronizingly about Dr. Ford and other assault victims, and completely ignore the fact that one cannot find corroborating evidence when the GOP knows where that evidence is and deliberately keeps it from being obtained. But that wasn’t the worst.

It seems a victims rights group informed Collins that if she voted to confirm Kavanaugh they would raise as much money as allowed and contribute to her opponent in 2020. Collins proceeded to call what they said “blackmail” and “buying votes”. Really?? How is what that group did any different from the NRA buying every GOP politician they can? Until Collins said that I actually kind of respected her, despite disagreeing politically. Now I see she is really just like the rest of the GOP, and I hope the Dems can get someone strong to run against her in a couple of years.

And SCROTUS, in true SCROTUS fashion, is now making outrageous statements about the whole process. He has called victims of sexual assault “paid professionals”, and said that Dr. Ford, her painful disclosures, and all her supporters are one big Democratic HOAX. He has called Kavanaugh “flawless”. Now, I’m not religious, but last I heard there was only one person anybody ever claimed was flawless, and that was over 2000 years ago!

I think the most discouraging thing about this is how similar Susan Collins sounds to SCROTUS. I really thought she was classier than that.

Until next week….


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