End of Week 331 – Well, that was a circus…


Ok, running a little late this week. It is October 1st and October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Right now, no one is more aware than I, for obvious reasons. For more on this go to http://www.weightloss4charity.com and click on “blog” in the upper right corner. I’ll do a new post there sometime this week.

Meanwhile, SCROTUS is calling Dr. Ford “credible”; he is blackmailing an unnamed US senator in public (like in front of the mics); and he has fallen in love – with Kim Jong Un???

Of course, all the stuff about Dr. Christine Blasey Ford has to do with the confirmation hearing of Brett Kavanaugh for a vacant SCOTUS seat. I think SCROTUS is being dumb like a fox in this case. After Dr. Ford’s testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee panel SCROTUS tried to sound a little sympathetic and open-minded, even to the point of ordering an additional FBI investigation. The flip side is, despite his statements to the contrary, it appears SCROTUS/”the White House” is placing restrictions on what this investigation can cover. There is a time restriction, and there are certain people and alleged events that the FBI has been told they cannot investigate/interview. This can change, naturally, once the WH gauges public reaction.

As we all know, many women are angry that a man who they believe attacked Dr. Ford a long time ago may be appointed to SCOTUS for life, especially since he has made it clear that he does not believe in women’s rights. That is not my overriding concern. It does concern me, and I believe Dr. Ford, but I am also concerned about Kavanaugh’s position that a sitting president is above the law. I believe the position is that a sitting president should not have to worry about being indicted or sued while in office. If a serious enough situation arises there is impeachment, and then he or she can face other legal action after leaving office.

That’s all well and good, but what if the sitting president travels beyond the reach of our laws right after leaving office? Seems extreme I know, but I wouldn’t put it past SCROTUS, who I think believes he has nominated a “stay out of jail free card” in Kavanaugh.

With the GOP controlling both congressional houses, the White House, and a lot of the judiciary, I think eventually Kavanaugh will be approved and will end up on SCOTUS for many years – certainly for the rest of my life. A lot of what SCOTUS considers does not affect me directly at this stage of my life, but I am concerned for the well-being of younger generations and those continuing to fight for their rights. I am concerned about a conservative-dominated federal government trying to do things like making everyone be “Christian” (in the Trump style evangelical sense, which is nothing but evil). Sure, that would be unconstitutional, but a conservative SCOTUS would find a way around that. They’ve already done it once.

But on to more entertaining absurdities. When I first heard that SCROTUS stated he and Kim Jong Un “fell in love”, I thought it was a joke; didn’t believe it at all. Today I was watching the news and saw the video. He really did say that – more than once in fact. If Obama or any other Democratic president had said that the GOP would be going nuts. I’m not even sure another GOP prez could get away with that statement. The GOP is supposed to be the party of “superpatriotism”, conservative pro-military nationalistic isolation, right? So, what is it about SCROTUS?

Members of the GOP and SCROTUS supporters will tell you that they like his strength. They think that because SCROTUS acts strong, the country is strong. How long will it take before they realize SCROTUS is not trying to make the USA strong? Everything he does is to make himself personally strong, and not in a good way. Why does he like Kim, and other leaders like Kim, so much? Because they have TOTAL CONTROL OVER ENTIRE NATIONS. SCROTUS is an authoritarian wannabe. To SCROTUS, strength rests in him and only him! His supporters may not realize what’s happening until it is too late.

Finally, the news broadcast that showed SCROTUS declaring his undying love for Kim also showed him saying that he has compromising information on a democratic senator, and the Dems better not stand in the way of Kavanaugh, or else! Seriously, he said this in front of the public, the press, and into the live mics! Sounds like blackmail to me; something I thought was illegal (but I’m no attorney).

He was asked to name the senator, and would not. This is typical of SCROTUS. He often makes outlandish statements with no evidence and not enough information to confirm or deny. So, in this case, I CALL BULLSHIT!! I think he’s talking through his ass and making more empty threats. Either that, or he thinks it’s ok to blackmail people in front of  everyone. Really??

Until next week….


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