End of Week 329 – There’s the circus, and then there’s what’s really important…


It has been an active week to say the least. I’m recording my breast cancer experience on my second site, http://www.weightloss4charity.com/blog. As you can see, I intended the site for another project, but that project will have to wait until I get through this cancer thing. If you are interested, the first post is up.

Any week has the important and the not so important. This week was a perfect example. We began with the release of “FEAR” by Bob Woodward on Tuesday. I’m sure it will be an entertaining book, but in the grand scheme of things in the world it certainly is not the most important event. Of course, you wouldn’t know that to hear SCROTUS react.

He tweeted and he had his minions, particularly Sarah Sanders, denounce the book at every opportunity. SCROTUS’ reaction falls in the category of protesting too much. Woodward couldn’t have bought better exposure. I think book sales are already over a million copies. I’m waiting for mine to arrive.

More important than a book release this week was a development in the Mueller investigation. Paul Manafort has flipped! We knew he was headed for a second trial. Manafort has agreed to plead guilty to a couple of fairly serious sounding charges, like “conspiring against the United States”. Then it was reported that part of the plea agreement is a 17-page agreement to cooperate with Mueller. Now you know Mueller and the prosecutors would not have entered into this agreement without knowing something about the information they were going to get. Everyone is salivating. We all want to know what Manafort is going to tell Mueller. The only reaction from SCROTUS so far is a roundabout denial from Sarah Sanders, in which she refers to “his victorious campaign”.

Yes, he is now occupying the White House, but it is because he was appointed by the Electoral College. He was NOT voted in by the people. He lost the popular vote. We do not currently have a legitimate president (my personal opinion).

Despite all the political excitement this week, there were two events that overshadowed it all in importance. First, natural gas explosions rocked more than one town outside of Boston, MA. Many homes were destroyed and at least one person was killed. They are still trying to figure out what happened. Meantime, many people are homeless and demanding answers.

Second, Hurricane Florence attacked the coasts of both Carolinas and is now moving inland very slowly. Record rain is falling and flooding is catastrophic. Fortunately, many area residents evacuated so damage is mostly limited to property, but that is bad enough. First responders are working around the clock to rescue those who did not heed the orders to evacuate and stranded animals.

Unfortunately, not even something like a hurricane can escape politics completely in the age of SCROTUS. In the days leading up to landfall, which means for most of last week, SCROTUS spent a lot of his time praising himself for the job he did after Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico, and DENYING the death toll of that storm. Basically, he said that those who died after Maria left, but because of conditions created by Maria, should not be counted. He wants to count only those who died during the time the storm was actually raging on the island.

SCROTUS does not seem to realize that deaths from aftermath count. If they didn’t, it would be like saying the Japanese who died, years later, from cancer due to radiation exposure in Hiroshima and Nagasaki did not die because of the bombs! That’s ridiculous, and so is the position of SCROTUS on this issue!

My picture this week is a reminder that we all need to come to the aid of our fellow-man when disasters like explosions and hurricanes happen.

Until next week…





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