End of Week 327 – Loss, Distractions, and the Unknown…

Purple Tree

Abnormal is the new normal. As much as I wish our days could be filled with trips to the gym, healthy cooking, and travel, that is not to be for a while. Things are up in the air for us personally. I’m not going into detail until I know more, but as you can imagine, it revolved around the world of medicine. I’m getting very tired of doctors.

Medical happenings and my son’s birthday kept me from writing this last week. Since then there has been a lot of loss. The world mourns Aretha Franklin and John McCain. Since I am political the loss of McCain hit me particularly hard. I often disagreed with him politically, but I respected the hell out of him, as any sane person did. I also knew he could be counted on to reach across the aisle when necessary. Don’t know who will do that now. I can’t think of another US senator who is willing to do that, except maybe Delaware’s own Chris Coons. He seems to be able to work with opponents. I’ve seen bills he has sponsored with GOP senators. Maybe our state can lead the way.

SCROTUS was specifically not invited to Senator McCain’s funeral. This happened months ago and everyone who follows politics knew about it. There was a lot of controversy surrounding what SCROTUS did and did not do when McCain passed. First, the flag at the White House was lowered for a day and a half – the minimum required by the Flag Code. Normally, a president signs a proclamation directing that flags be at half-staff through the day of interment. SCROTUS did this only after receiving major blowback for not doing it right away.

SCROTUS was silent about McCain’s death for a long time. When he finally tweeted something, it was a one liner with sympathy for the family and not one mention of McCain’s personal qualities. SCROTUS disliked McCain, and we all know how SCROTUS acts when he doesn’t like someone. The one line tweet came before he finally signed a proclamation to lower the flags through today.

Perhaps the most telling SCROTUS reaction came during the funeral service in Washington DC. It was beautiful, moving, and inspirational, and it made SCROTUS seethe. He could not stop tweeting. He tweeted constantly while the rest of the nation was watching the service (which was televised by the mainstream news services). Surprisingly, he did not tweet about McCain or the service, so I guess that’s something. It was reported that he said he thought coverage of McCain’s passing was “over the top” and suited more for a president.

What it all boils down to is SCROTUS cannot stand it when he is not the absolute, unquestioned, and sole center of attention.

Case in point, when he said something about the passing of Aretha Franklin he said that “she worked for me a lot.” Regardless of the subject, he has to frame everything around himself.

Many see this as one of the signs of a developing despot. SCROTUS displays several. He has convinced his base that only he can be trusted to give them the truth regarding the country and what he is doing to it; regarding things like Mueller’s investigation; regarding just about anything. He’s trying to convince the rest of us, but it isn’t working as well as with his base. He’s best buds with other dictators and has alienated our longtime allies. He has warned Congress not to interfere with what he wants to do with things like trade agreements – threatening to take unilateral action without consulting them at all. SCROTUS wants to be all-controlling with no checks or balances.

Sound scary? It should. We should all be very afraid.

Until next week….


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