End of Week 325 – Holding Pattern…

OlyviaFeb2015 002

Last week it was Mr. Sleuthy. This week it is Ms. Olyvia. Just for the hell of it. She’s a pretty cat and I like this picture. This entry may be short since I have a lot of non-writing things going on. Not much happening on the diet and exercise fronts, except that I keep trying to improve. When I have something to report I’ll be sure to do it here.

Omarosa seems to be playing Trump’s game of reality TV. She shares a little of what she has and teases the public and the news media with promises of more. Rumors abound regarding how many recordings she has, or how many texts. This is all geared to sell her book and I do not have time for it. I’d like to tell her, “Let me know when you are ready to get serious about telling the truth.”

This week we got word that the Pentagon cancelled SCROTUS’ Self-glorifying Military Parade, perhaps postponing it until 2019. Almost immediately SCROTUS broadcast (Twitter) that HE cancelled the parade because the local WDC government demanded too much money. All of this happened after the estimate of the parade’s cost rose to $90M. Most of the cost involves the transport and use of military personnel and equipment. The city of WDC would get some compensation for services they have to provide, but that is not the majority of the cost by a long shot.

Most people were against the parade anyway. There was serious backlash about spending so many millions of dollars on something that was obviously intended to glorify SCROTUS when SCROTUS has been cutting veterans’ medical benefits. When the cost estimate went up the backlash worsened.

In an unrelated issue, last week the jury in the first Manafort trial started to deliberate. They will return tomorrow (Monday) to continue deliberations. SCROTUS made a public statement that he feels the trial is horrible and that Manafort has been mistreated. He said this while the jury was deliberating, which amounts to disgraceful conduct and possibly an attempt at influencing the jury. My only question is how long it will take SCROTUS to pardon Manafort if the verdicts are “guilty”? I’d wager the paperwork is already prepared.

In the end, SCROTUS reacted strangely. Seems a combination of pressure from the investigations/trials and the cancellation of his parade was too much for SCROTUS. He decided to take his toys and leave. The latest reports are that SCROTUS will spend the US Veterans’ Day (Nov 11) watching a military parade in FRANCE. He would rather be in another country than visit with and honor the military veterans of his own country. My husband pointed out that SCROTUS could visit American military graves from our world wars while in France. True, he could. But that is not why he is going. He wants a military parade and he knows France will be holding one to mark the ending of World War I (the Armistice). How do I know this? It is what SCROTUS said he will do. He mentioned the parade and nothing else.

Besides, as appropriate as it may be for an American government official to visit US memorials in other countries; Veterans Day is for honoring our living military veterans. Memorial Day is for those deceased. I am not overly pro-military and I do think we overdo the current tendency of worshiping the water everyone seems to think the military walks on, but even I can see that all SCROTUS is doing is his usual petulant toddler act. He should stay in the US and honor our veterans here. Funding their medical care would be a good start.

Think France would keep him? Nah, probably not.

Until next week….


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