End of Week 324 – Just waiting for Summer to end….


Yes, I am in the mood for my own version of grumpy cat. This is me at this point in the summer each year. I’m not much for hot weather. The only good things about August are baseball and the birthdays of friends and family – like my son. Otherwise, you can keep the heat, the humidity, the bugs – I could go on, but why bother.

This year is better than some. At least I can choose when to go out in the heat most of the time, since I retired. I don’t mind going out to the gym since I do that fairly early in the morning. I’ll go out to the store, and I’ll go out in the back yard to fill the bird feeders. I’ll go out for medical appointments when required. The rest of the time I’m a creature of air conditioning, looking forward to the Fall when the house cools off by itself and my husband and I fight over turning on the heat. It takes a big drop in temps for me to want the heat.

Not much happened politically last week. One of the big stories was about the upcoming release of a book by Omarosa, who used to work in the SCROTUS administration. She has a last name, but her first name, Omarosa, is the only name I’ve ever heard. She’s known SCROTUS since his days on The Apprentice. I think she got “fired” on that show. No one seems to know what her White House job was. She was fired from that as well, at least that’s what I remember.

People who have read the book in advance (all part of promoting it) have mentioned that she tells a tale of a racist SCROTUS who used the “n-word” in the White House in front of her, and other bad stuff. One article said she wrote that SCROTUS tried to keep her quiet through threats and offers of money.

Don’t know about the rest of the book, but the title is appropriate: “Unhinged”

I think both the author and the subject are unhinged. SCROTUS, of course, cannot stand it when someone publicizes things about him that aren’t 100% positive and complimentary, if not full of glowing praise and adulation. He is not only addicted to adoration; he is allergic to criticism of any description. Consequently, he has been frantic about the release of this “tell all”. This is hardly a surprise.

I don’t trust SCROTUS, and similarly, I don’t trust Omarosa. She accepted a position with SCROTUS. This makes her instantly questionable. No one knows what she does for a living. She seems to be a lot like the Kardashians – famous as a celebrity and not much else. Having been on The Apprentice, in the White House, and now in a position to talk about SCROTUS adds up to one thing: notoriety. I think she is out to make a buck off that notoriety while she still has it. It can be a fleeting thing. As fast as the modern news cycle. She’s in this for the money, and I don’t blame her. We all gotta make a living, right? It’s just not going to be MY money. I don’t trust her to tell the truth without sensationalizing it.

The other subject this week, which was considerably more entertaining, was the Space Force proposed by SCROTUS. He wants a brand new military service for defending space. Understand that everyone knows the area of space near our planet is a perfectly valid area of concern. There are situations involving satellites, missiles, and natural objects such as asteroids that we might need to address. I’m not being sarcastic; the security of our space is a genuine concern.

The ridiculous part of this is that SCROTUS wants a separate service branch. The existing military branches already have forms of space commands, and the powers that be at the Pentagon have said they want to create a unified space combatant command, but not an entirely new military branch. Ok, a unified space command might make some sense, but only within our existing military branches. SCROTUS is apparently willing to spend billions to create this new branch, but says we can’t afford our basic military exercises with South Korea, which cost $14M. He says he wants to cut veterans medical benefits, but wants a new service branch.

What was fun about all this was the public’s reaction. There were memes and GIFs featuring everything from Buzz Lightyear to the outer space car to The Right Stuff to Apollo 13 to the original Flash Gordon. It’s nice to have something to laugh at every once in a while.

In the meantime, just remember – to infinity and beyond! LOL!

Until next week….



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