End of Week 323 – Wishing for Summer Doldrums…


Still trying to take some kind of break. I’m going to try a new workout schedule based on a change in my husband’s dialysis schedule. He will be going very early in the morning, so I’m planning on getting up as he leaves and going to the gym early in the morning. That would be Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, which is not bad. My physical went well. All my numbers were good. The doctor did not mention my weight, but I’m not stupid. I know I have to drop some pounds (make that a LOT of pounds, LOL). It has been such a long battle, but I have to keep trying. I’m hoping this new workout schedule will shake something loose. I’ve been a little lax in the eating department this week – another kind of break – but I know how to get back to the way I was eating leading up to the physical (which seemed to be working).

We have a busy week coming up – an appointment with my husband’s surgeon, an appointment with his diabetes specialist, my mammogram (oh, joy), lunch with a friend (now THAT I’ll enjoy). Perhaps we have enough going on that I’ll ignore some of the news. Problem is, when it comes to SCROTUS the news is always so outrageous it is difficult to ignore.

It’s not that anything big has happened. As far as important things like Mueller’s investigation are concerned it seems things are still percolating just below the surface. SCROTUS has been traveling to more and more rallies. His need for adoration, to which he is addicted, seems to be increasing. He is supposed to be campaigning for other candidates, but he talks about himself the whole time. Fortunately, most networks have stopped their live broadcasts of these specially casted, staged, scripted, and choreographed productions. The only time one catches my attention is when SCROTUS is reported to say something totally out of line, even for him.

That is what happened at the rally SCROTUS attended in Ohio. I think it was his second adoration fix of the week. He bragged to the crowd that he destroys the careers of Republicans who say bad things about him. Not only did he acknowledge that he bullies other GOP party members; he seems proud that he ruins those who dare to have an opinion different from his!

So, what do we call a “head of state” who claims to be all-powerful and routinely destroys those who oppose him? There are a lot of words we could use. Despot. Autocrat. Authoritarian. Dictator. Technically, SCROTUS is a wannabe since we still have some semblance of a congress. However, SCROTUS has also threatened to shut down the federal government, thinking he can stand in opposition to the entire congress. He is holding the federal budget hostage and the ransom is money for his idiotic wall. Kidnapping children didn’t get him what he wanted, so he is going back to an old standby – refusing to sign the federal budget bill.

Speaking of kidnapped children, that was another outrageous statement from last week. The SCROTUS administration is not doing what it should to reunite the kidnapped children with their parents. Rather than trying to find a solution, SCROTUS stated he thinks the ACLU should be responsible for finding and reuniting these parents. Harry Truman is probably rolling in his grave since in this administration the buck stops, apparently, anywhere but there.

Everyone has their own favorite SCROTUS issue. Besides those listed above, there is the military parade. SCROTUS is planning a military parade in Washington DC in November. It has been said it will include everything except tanks, which would tear up the DC streets. This is wrong on so many levels it is difficult to know where to begin.

Some have pointed out that the parade is NOT to honor the military (contrary to what SCROTUS says), but is really just a self-promotion stunt for SCROTUS’ glorification. A large group of veterans is planning a march in Washington DC for the same day. They hate the idea of the parade, which will cost around 12 million dollars – money they say would be better spent for veterans’ benefits. They have a point.

Not only would the money be better spent on benefits; SCROTUS cancelled military exercises with South Korea, stating they cost too much. The exercises cost about $14M. The totally unnecessary parade costs $12M. If this makes sense to anyone, please explain it. Frankly, I’m picturing SCROTUS sitting in a reviewing stand while US military people and machines parade past him, with him thinking it is all for him, like the dictator he really wants to be.

And the circus continues.

Until next week…



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