End of Week 322 – Need a Break?


This is how I feel right now. Overwhelmed by the politics; overwhelmed by the animosity. I’m feeling a need to stop, to shut down, to listen inside myself and to my non-electronic surroundings. The current political landscape is set in a cacophony of belligerent sound bites, and I’m as guilty of this as anyone. It’s just that I’ve reached a point of needing a break. I’m sure everyone reaches this point eventually.

Politically, we seem to have been in a week where important things are bubbling just below the surface of the Great SCROTUS Swamp. Mueller’s investigation is plugging along; witness lists are being submitted and approved with immunities granted; SCROTUS is still communicating regularly with Putin and NOT with our allies while Russia continues to cyber attack our electronic infrastructure; the federal government can’t meet its deadline for reuniting immigrant children with parents; Cohen is preparing to turn on SCROTUS; etc. etc.

The rest of us are waiting for another shoe to drop.

My social media participation is limited to this blog (WordPress), Facebook, and Twitter. I am not on a lot of extra sites and I’m sure someday I’ll be left behind as the younger users migrate along. It may have already happened. That’s ok, as long as I can still communicate with my family. When not exhausted I enjoy the political give and take of FB and Twitter, as long as it stays civil. I get exhausted because so much of it isn’t civil.

Make no mistake, I cannot stand having Donald Trump as SCROTUS. I don’t dislike him personally since I don’t know him. I suspect I would not like him considering the size of his ego, his constant lying (and I don’t say this in a mean way – it has been proven), the way he views and treats women, and his addiction to adoration. That simply does not seem like the type of person I would enjoy being around. However, there is a difference between the man and the position he is trying to fill.

I am a firm member of what is known as The Resistance. The most important job resisters have at the moment is trying to get as many people as possible registered to vote in time for the midterm elections. At this point no one knows what is going to come out of Mueller’s investigation or whether SCROTUS will ever face impeachment. I’m old enough to remember Bill Clinton’s ordeal, and I know it is very difficult to impeach, much less convict, when the occupant of the White House is of the same political party as that controlling Congress. Nothing is going to happen to SCROTUS as long as the GOP controls Congress, which is why voter registration, and getting out the actual vote, is vital.

One problem with promoting The Resistance on FB and Twitter is that we are pretty much “preaching to the choir”.  We need to figure out how to reach those who don’t get on social media. Another problem is that posts tend to cause a lot of back and forth that sometimes gets heated.

I’ve noticed that most of the time those who do not like SCROTUS try to keep the discussion on an intellectual level, using facts to support their positions. Unfortunately, SCROTUS has a habit of calling his “enemies” insulting names when he tweets (which is constantly). His language and behavior have broken the dam of civility and allowed a torrent of nastiness and bullying to flood social media, emulated by his supporters. SCROTUS is a classic bully and his supporters feel it is now ok to express their long suppressed anti-social tendencies, such as racism and xenophobia. They also copy their idol’s name calling using things like “libtard” and “snowflake” (although I see nothing wrong with snowflake – I guess they think it is an insult). For supporting “facts” they use SCROTUS talking points that usually have no evidence.

So, these two groups, Resisters and Trumpers, go back and forth at each other constantly. When I’m not so exhausted it is a source of amusement. Many postings are clever. Sometimes I find out things I didn’t know, or read something I want to research to be sure of its accuracy.

Now, however, it is just noise. I need to stop, take a break, listen to the birds in my backyard and some music; read a real book just for enjoyment, maybe even meditate. I’ll return to the fray. I’ll continue the fight. And I’ll do it better because I’m rested and have evened out my perspective.

Until next week….


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