End of Week 321 – In Distraction Mode….


I love this picture. We need to remember this now more than ever. My mom lived by this belief.

Well, I didn’t get to the gym at all last week, but I did work out on our home treadmill. Hoping to get to the gym tomorrow. Between medical appointments and people fixing things on our house I haven’t been able to get away. However, I’ve been eating well. Less junk, more veggies/salads. All I can do is keep trying.

There is so much going on with SCROTUS and his efforts at taking over the country that it’s difficult to decide what to include. The reason there is so much going on is that SCROTUS is in full distraction mode.

The investigation/charges/trials scene is getting crowded and murky. It is difficult keeping track of who is doing what and who is involved. Mueller got immunity for 5 witnesses against Manafort – that trial starts today (Monday). The DOJ released a FISA warrant report, heavily redacted, that states why the FBI needed to surveil Carter Page, former Trump campaign advisor and possible collaborator with Russia – don’t think the results are in on that yet. The warrant was issued; the surveillance accomplished.

SCROTUS himself spent the week spinning around about Russia’s attack on the US election system. I’m tired of the word “meddling”. Call it what it was and is – an attack! Hell, in this modern age of automation it is almost an act of war! SCROTUS started by discounting all intelligence information and saying he could not see why Russia would “meddle” in our elections. He was standing next to Putin at the time.

  • Once back in the US, and without Putin by his side, he tried to say he meant to say “wouldn’t” rather than “would”. Well, that went over like a fart in church with everyone except his hard-core base (who will grasp at anything to keep from considering they may have made a mistake supporting SCROTUS.)
  • Then SCROTUS stated he believed our intelligence agencies (something he has not supported before) about Russia.
  • Then he took that back the following day saying Russia is not targeting the US.
  • Then, through Sarah Sanders, he said he didn’t say that.
  • Etc., Etc.

Through it all SCROTUS has not said one unkind word regarding Putin. No ultimatums that we know of, no demands for extradition of the 12 Russian officers who have been indicted, and no indication to the US people of what exactly was said in the closed-door meeting a week ago.

Then SCROTUS invited Putin to the White House this Fall. Not sure of the details yet, but this may coincide with the idiotic military parade SCROTUS has decided to have in November. It is going to cost around 10 to 12 million (according to most recent estimates). Note that SCROTUS cancelled our military exercises with South Korea saying they cost too much.  They cost around 14 million. I guess now we know how he was planning on paying for his ultimate adoration fix. The only encouraging thing about this is that many veterans plan to march in Washington DC on the same day as the parade, in protest. I hope they are a million strong!

To wrap things up this week, a 29-year-old Russian student and gun activist, Maria Butina, living in Washington DC, was arrested in connection with being a Russian agent and working with two Americans and a top Russian to infiltrate the NRA. This is a developing topic – more to come.

There is so much else still going on. We are still hearing horror stories about the immigrant children separated from their families, including a father and toddler separated for a very long time and they are both American citizens; that the federal government is saying they will not be able to reunite as many as a third of the children aged 5 to 17; that there are children being held in the US whose parents have been deported already.

Our intelligence agencies have determined Russia is still hacking our systems and trying to influence our mid-term elections.

And in the area of tragedies, I wish healing energy for the victims of the boat sinking in Branson, MO; the shooting victims in Toronto; and everyone affected by any act of gun violence (there have been a lot in the news recently) and any act of nature (lots of violent weather).

I wonder if SCROTUS got a good rating on his annual performance review from Putin?

Until next week….


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