End of Week 320 – The Week of the Russians…


I got to the gym 3 times this past week! I’m hoping to do the same thing this coming week. As for the weight I lost when I was sick, I put a couple of pounds back on (expected), but not all of it. I think the net loss is 4 pounds. So, of course, my husband makes French toast for breakfast this morning. LOL! Been eating a lot of salads and protein in preparation for my pre-physical lab work.

We’ve had very hot, very dry weather for a while. No rain in the forecast until next weekend, and we’re supposed to have another series of 90-plus days before we get any rain. The grass is crunching and turning brown. I hate summer.

It has been an interesting week politically.

SCROTUS went to Brussels to meet with other NATO leaders. When he got there he proceeded to talk trash, insult everyone, and try to bully all the other nations. He then left for England, saying that everyone kowtowed to his will and things were going to change in NATO because of him. The other leaders immediately said this was not true. In other words, it was all more of SCROTUS’ typical lying behavior.

In England he behaved like the ass he is, insulting PM May, walking in front of the Queen when they were reviewing her honor guard, looking for all the world like everything should be about him. The saving grace was that the people of GB turned out to protest his visit. There were an estimated 250,000 protesters and a giant “Baby Trump” balloon. Naturally, SCROTUS steered clear of any area that would expose him to anything negative.

There seems to be a pattern in SCROTUS’ behavior. When he is speaking in a situation that will be reported by the press to his base – those supporters who love him because he encourages their bigotry and hatred of anyone different, and because he makes them think all other countries will bow to his will – he talks tough and bullies whoever he is scheduled to meet.  THEN, later, in private meetings, he tends to back off a lot of his blustery talk. So, he is not just lying to all of us daily, he is also lying to his base by saying what they want to hear and then not following through.

AND THEN THERE WAS RUSSIA. Tomorrow (Monday) SCROTUS is meeting with Putin in Helsinki. SCROTUS insisted that no one besides him and Putin be in the meeting. No aides, no press, no witnesses. That was suspicious enough, but after SCROTUS left on his trip (on July 13th to be exact) Rod Rosenstein of the DOJ announced an 11-count grand jury indictment of 12 intelligence-associated Russian army officers for hacking the DCCC, the DNC, the Clinton campaign, etc. with the intent to interfere in our 2016 election.

Keep in mind that prosecutors do not go to grand juries unless they have the evidence to support their charges and pretty much know they will get the indictments they seek. These are indictments stemming from the special investigation into Russian election interference – the investigation SCROTUS has called “a witch hunt”, “a hoax”, and “fake news”. Turns out that Rosenstein briefed SCROTUS on what was coming BEFORE he left for Europe.

Naturally, reporters asked SCROTUS if he would bring the indictments up to Putin. The response was (paraphrased) “Yes, I guess so.” He did not seem very interested in the idea. Now, that could be due to the fact that during his campaign SCROTUS actually, on camera, asked that the Russians hack the Democrats and Clinton specifically. Within hours of his saying that, the Russians began the hacking that is the subject of this indictment.

I consider myself a member of what is commonly known as “the resistance”. We oppose the GOP in general, and SCROTUS specifically. We feel SCROTUS is trying to become an autocrat and that the GOP controlled congress does not have the spine to do their job of checks and balances. We are truly frightened at what is happening in this nation. Most of us do not recognize SCROTUS as a legitimate president. We feel he was appointed rather than elected.

Individually, we have many different theories regarding current events. Personally, I think this meeting with Putin is SCROTUS’ annual performance review. I believe he works for Putin, and have the feeling “bringing up interference” will consist of apologizing to Putin for the indictments and assuring him it will all go away. This is strictly my opinion, but since SCROTUS refuses to have any witnesses in the meeting, what else are we to think? He has made more than one statement indicating he would like to be more like a dictator for life.

Make no mistake, SCROTUS will come out of the meeting talking tough; claiming they had a good meeting and that progress was made on important issues. I’ll need material proof before I’ll believe anything. I’ll need to hear from a witness who is American and not one of SCROTUS’ minions.

After bad-mouthing all our allies, SCROTUS is meeting with another dictator. Putin knows he finally has a senior US official in his pocket, and I think we are all in trouble.

Until next week…..


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