End of Week 319 – SCROTUS Meets With Another Despot….


Yeah, I use this picture every so often. It’s one of my favorites. I missed a week of blogging because last weekend I was in Fredericksburg, VA at a family wedding, and this picture symbolizes the best thing about it – seeing family.

I unplugged for a few days. Didn’t take my computer and had my phone only to keep in touch with my husband, who couldn’t make it. I rode down with my son and his fiancée. The wedding was on July 1st, at 2pm, outdoors, and it was HOT!!! It was also beautiful. The reception was indoors, so we all recovered.

When we arrived Saturday night my body decided it was time to get sick. I fought an intestinal problem the entire time, but that didn’t keep me from enjoying myself. Everyone danced including me. My son said he was proud of me. I had to laugh thinking about how our kids see us sometimes. I used to be one hell of a dancer, just like I used to be one hell of a swimmer. Don’t do either much anymore, but the love of both still lives inside me. The intestinal thing has been with me most of this week, but at least I dropped a few pounds. Now to see if I can keep any of it off. Some of the weight will return I know, but maybe not all of it?

With SCROTUS at his gold-plated resort and Independence Day in the middle of all this I thought maybe things with the pretender would be slow. Should’ve known better. I should warn you, there has been a lot going on so this list is by no mean exhaustive.

  • SCROTUS lied about winning a lawsuit against “crazy Dems” in a Washington DC court. The judge simply said the suit needed to be in a different court. She did not comment on the arguments of the suit in any way.
  • Seven GOP Senators spent Independence Day in Russia, where SCROTUS will be in a week or two. Independence Day?? What the actual f**k????
  • It has been announced that in Russia SCROTUS will have a meeting with Putin behind closed doors, no press, no witnesses. Again, what the actual f**k?? Could this have something to do with why the GOP senators were there? THERE IS TOO MUCH ABOUT THIS MEETING THAT WE DO NOT KNOW AND TRULY STINKS. Of course, SCROTUS has to meet with his handler face to face once in a while.
  • As we all know, a federal court has given the SCROTUS administration 30 days to reunite the kidnapped immigrant children (under 5 yrs old) with their parents. With the deadline approaching, the administration has asked the judge for an extension. They can’t meet the deadline because one of the lawyers IS DOGSITTING. So, this administration considers dogsitting more important than children?
  • The SCROTUS administration is taking DNA samples from the kidnapped immigrant children, supposedly to help with the process of reuniting them. I’m not sure I trust them. WHAT WILL THEY DO LATER WITH ALL THIS DNA INFORMATION??
  • SCROTUS put out his usual crazy tweets, but my favorite was when he said that if not for him we would be at war with NK right now. Really?? SCROTUS is the one who has put us in danger of war with NK in the first place! He dispatched SecState Pompeo over there to talk to Kim and company about denuclearizing. Afterward, Pompeo said “we made good progress”. Kim said the US position was “regrettable”. IT’S PRETTY BAD WHEN I BELIEVE A DICTATOR OVER OUR OWN SECSTATE!
  • SCROTUS spent the weekend and holiday at one of his resorts and in Washington. After 18 months in office he has never visited any of our troops in overseas combat areas. Seven GOP senators can go to Russia, but he can’t visit the military. I am not one of those who worships the water everyone thinks the military walks on, but come on! Part of the job SCROTUS is pretending to do is supposed to be “Commander In Chief”!
  • And speaking of the military, everyone is aware that one way for a legal immigrant to earn the right to become a naturalized US citizen is to serve in the US military, right? Many are doing that right now. Well, it has come out that orders have come down from the SCROTUS administration to discharge many of these military members en masse. It is all being done very quietly, at least up til now. We need to know why this administration is discharging all these people!! One article I read stated that one of the reasons given was that the soldier had relatives overseas. Hell, have relatives overseas! So what??
  • Finally, SCROTUS had to have another adoration fix so he went to a scripted, sanitized, centrally casted, choreographed rally in Montana. There he proceeded to make fun of Elizabeth Warren as well as the entire “Me Too” movement and all Native Americans. This doesn’t surprise me – SCROTUS is always mocking someone. What amazes me is that he seems to have no concept of how something as basic as his choice of words can insult entire groups. He dredged up that old thing of his – calling Warren “Pocahontas”. Does he not realize that Pocahontas was a true Native American woman, daughter of a chief, and accomplished in her own right?? SCROTUS takes the perfectly fine name of a very real and important historic figure and uses it as an insult!! He knows absolutely nothing!

There is so much more, but I have to draw the line somewhere. We are watching the trade wars SCROTUS is starting with his new tariffs, but that is a complicated subject for another time. Besides, I want to say that I am trying to keep positive thoughts about those young soccer players trapped in the cave. In my own way, I am praying they are rescued. I’m sure we all are.

Until next week….



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