End of Week 317 – If You Can’t Dazzle ‘Em With Brilliance…


Well, another week has come and gone. During the birthday/fathers day period I picked up a few pounds (less than 5, but still too many), but this morning it appears I’ve lost them again. That tells me a lot of it was water weight. Got to the gym twice. Gonna shoot for at least 3 times this coming week. Baby steps.

Like this week’s picture? It is my handsome male cat, Sleuthy. I have better pictures of him, but I’m using this because it truly represents how I’ve felt about what has been happening in the US lately. I look a lot like this when confronted with the idiocy spouted by members of the SCROTUS administration, or by SCROTUS himself. I look a lot like this when changes in policy make the US look more like Germany of the late 1930s. I look a lot like this when celebrities use the problems we face as a way to put themselves in the spotlight. If they do something truly helpful then ok. That is a good use of celebrity. But every so often we see someone acting foolish or saying things that don’t make sense. We don’t need that. It just hurts our resistance efforts.

I looked a lot like this while the immigration drama unfolded this past week. I honestly think the breadth of the opposition to the family separation policy took SCROTUS and his minions by surprise. They spent a lot of time blaming the Democrats, saying it was a law; that they were forced to take the children because the Dems would not vote to change the law; that it was not a policy and there was absolutely nothing they could do. And then SCROTUS stopped the non-policy, at least temporarily, with a unilateral executive order.

He pretty much had to. Just about the only people who supported taking immigrating kids from their immigrating parents were SCROTUS, Sessions, Nielsen (Homeland Security), Miller (political advisor), Sanders (press sec), and possibly a lot of his blue-collar base. The majority of the public, all the congressional Democrats, and a good portion of the congressional GOP were against it and were very vocal about it. Once SCROTUS signed the order he tried to take credit for solving the problem. Of course, if  someone is hitting you over and over you don’t call them a hero because they decide to stop hitting. Many people wasted no time reminding SCROTUS of this.

While all this was going on Congress, specifically the GOP part, was trying to pass a bill on immigration. They were not successful. SCROTUS told anyone who would listen that a bill could not be passed because the Dems were obstructing it. Another lie. The bills never got to the point of allowing the Dems to even try to obstruct. The real problem is that the GOP is divided into 2 camps: the somewhat-more-moderates and the ultra-conservatives. Each group had its own version of an immigration bill, and neither group would support the other’s version. Consequently, nothing ever reached the floor of either house for a vote.

Meantime, the public does not forget atrocities quickly. Members of the SCROTUS administration have found themselves confronted by citizens while leaving the theater, or asked to leave a restaurant. Excursions into public may be a problem for these people in the short-term – at least until the news cycle comes around. Shouldn’t be too long. I’m sure another preposterous situation will be created by this administration soon.

The immigration atrocity has produced its share of low moments. If you’d like a complete list, read “Womp My Gorilla” by Clay Jones. He is a self-syndicated political cartoonist and blogs on WordPress. He’s my favorite political cartoonist. As Mr. Jones mentions, some highlights from this past week include Corey Lewandowski making fun of a 10-year-old with Downs Syndrome, Laura Ingraham calling the detention centers “summer camps”, and Ann Coulter calling the separated children “child actors”.

However, the award for facepalm move of the week goes to Melania Trump. She decided to visit a detention center. Of course, she saw only a small, completely cleaned, sanitized, and carefully scripted detention center. But, that’s not the facepalm move. When boarding the jet to leave Andrews everyone noticed that on the back of the jacket she was wearing were the words, “I REALLY DON’T CARE. DO U?” I did not add the “all caps”; that’s how it was written on the coat.

When I first saw the photo of the coat with those words I honestly felt it had to be photoshopped. I spent a lot of time researching and verifying, only to discover she really did wear a jacket that said that. Hence, the facepalm award.

Finally, SCROTUS decided to try to counter the protests against his “zero tolerance” kidnapping scheme by holding a staged, scripted photo-op in the White House with several “angel families” – people who have lost a family member because they were killed by an illegal alien. Don’t get me wrong; what happened to them is horrible and I hope each and every perpetrator was brought to justice. However, it disturbs me that these people allowed themselves to be used and politicized by SCROTUS.

You might say, “Wait. Isn’t the other side politicizing those separated children?” Yes, but those children are in an intolerable situation that needs to end now. The separation is not something that happened before that we are holding up as an example. And pointing out a current atrocity does not negate the problems with SCROTUS’ angel family stunt.

Of course, the problems are not with the families, but with SCROTUS. The purpose behind his little show was to make us all think all immigrants from the south are murderers, drug dealers, or both. He is playing to the irrational fears of his older, white, resistant-to-change base  (and I can say that since I am also older and white). This is exactly what Hitler did to demonize the Jewish population in 1930s Germany, so that he could enact extreme measures against them. Truth be told, I hate “Hitler comparisons”, but this is due to a specific practice that is happening again.

Yeah, I’ve looked like Sleuthy a lot lately. Also, this keeps popping into my mind: Those who do not remember history are doomed to repeat it.

Until next week….


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