End of Week 316 – Happy Fathers’ Day from SCROTUS….


I’m still exercising and trying to eat correctly. Not sure how much good it is doing, but to be honest I’m not worrying about it too much right now. Fathers’ Day is today and my birthday is tomorrow (which is more important to those around me than to me) so I’m not worrying about my eating at the moment. Sometimes you just gotta go with the flow.

There were some midterm primaries last Tuesday. The most interesting thing about them was that in one state the GOP voters actually nominated a pimp. That’s right. A brothel owner won a GOP nomination to run for congress. It happened in Nevada and pretty much cemented my opinion that the GOP of my mother’s time is completely gone. I may not have agreed with that GOP, but I could at least respect their civility and decency.

Of course, that was not the only thing that convinced me the GOP has self-destructed, but it was the only thing that did not directly involve SCROTUS. SCROTUS had a very busy week. The State of NY is suing the Trump Foundation and all the individuals in charge (including SCROTUS) for breaking all kinds of laws and regulations that govern charitable organizations. It is a civil suit and civil suits take a long time. It will be interesting to watch it develop.

On Friday SCROTUS saw Faux Noise out on the White House grounds and decided to go down and talk to them, followed by an impromptu press conference with other reporters, also on WH grounds.  Here’s the thing about talking to reporters “off the cuff”; these types of interviews tend to reveal how a person really feels about any particular subject since the person speaking does not have the benefit of the filter of preparation. This is no problem for someone who normally thinks about what he says, but SCROTUS does not fall into that group. With SCROTUS it is usually “in the head, out the mouth” and consequences be damned (since he feels he is not only above the law – he feels he IS the law).

So, what did SCROTUS say? A lot, but one thing stood out. SCROTUS stated that Kim Jong Un was a great and strong leader; that “when he speaks his people sit up at attention.” Then he said, “I want my people to do that.” Later he said he was kidding, but I note the following:

  1. I watched the interview. There was no levity in his tone or his expression. Also, he did not make any effort to state he was kidding or joking.
  2. All comedy is based in truth.
  3. As mentioned above, this interview did not have the filter of preparation. Make no mistake, this is how SCROTUS really feels about the type of leader he wants to be. SCROTUS has autocrat envy. He wants to be a dictator. Anyone who has been paying attention already knows this.

The most serious event of last week has actually been going on for a while. SCROTUS and his minions, especially Stephen Miller and Jeff Sessions, decided to celebrate Fathers’ Day by kidnapping children.

Sounds odd, right? We all know that people trying to enter the US illegally are subject to detention and deportation. After all, there are legal ways to enter. That is not the problem. The problem is, not long ago AG Jeff Sessions announced, with a great deal of glee, what he called a “zero tolerance” policy. Until this change we charged illegal immigrants, but did not always detain them prior to their hearings. Now all illegal immigrants are to be arrested and detained. The SCROTUS gang made this change knowing full well that to enforce it they would have to separate children from parents because the children can’t be arrested, only the parents can. This is what the law says, but the law does NOT require a zero tolerance enforcement. That is a totally GOP decision.

It took a while for the rest of us to realize what was really happening. When a family is caught trying to enter the US illegally the federal authorities arrest the parents and remove the children, forcibly separating the screaming, terrified children from their mothers and fathers. The children are then placed in detention centers. Of course, that’s not what the feds call them, but the only other name I can think of is concentration camp. Using “detention center” is being charitable.

If it stopped there, then the line heard from Trumpers, “Well, they should not have tried to sneak in,” would be difficult to contest despite the fact that this reasoning displays their lack of compassion.  However, (you guessed it) it does not stop there.

Many immigrants, when they arrive at our southern border, immediately ask for asylum in the US. This is a formal request with a formal system in place, and it’s completely legal. It is the farthest thing from sneaking in. Now we know that the feds are detaining those requesting asylum and taking their children as well. Additionally, it has been reported that officers took a child while that child was breastfeeding. To be fair, DHS has denied that took place saying they have not been able to find a record of that happening. Really? Like the feds are going to record “Took breastfeeding child” for all the world to see? Maybe it’s true, maybe it’s not, but I don’t trust the federal government these days.

Outrage has been growing. There is an immigration bill with a provision to stop this separation process. SCROTUS has already said he will not sign any immigration bill with this more moderate provision unless he gets billions to build his border wall. Let this sink in. TRUMP AND HIS GANG HAVE TAKEN CHILDREN AND THE RANSOM THEY WANT IS MONEY FOR HIS WALL.

It’s one thing to be outraged. It’s another to be able to do something about this.  Many are calling it terrorism and I agree. I wish I knew what to do, but I’m afraid I’m not very imaginative. Obviously, we must get people to register and VOTE this year so we can get rid of some of the GOP. However, how many children will suffer in the meantime. I hope the ACLU is getting involved! I’ve read they are. At the end of it all, there is one thing I know for sure:


Until next week….


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