End of Week 315 – Hello Singapore, Goodbye Allies….


Ok, I am buckling down on my diet. I bought lots of salads for lunches since the warm weather is officially here. I hope to get to the gym at least 3 times this week. I’m finding it easier to resist things like munchies now that I am retired. Just more evidence that I am a “stress eater” I suppose. Even my husband’s medical problems don’t stress me out like work did. All I want at this point is to feel better and be more active.

The picture of the black ribbon is one I reserve for times that really call for it. This past week was one of those times. There were two celebrity suicides, so now everyone is talking about suicide prevention. My family is no stranger to suicide. I lost a son to suicide, and suicide happened in my extended family at least one other time, fairly recently. I’m glad something has sparked the discussion, but it irritates me that it took celebrity suicides to do it. I also hear a lot about suicide among military veterans. My son was not a celebrity and was not military, so he and so many like him go pretty much unnoticed.

I won’t say no one cares. There are some who promote warning sign awareness all the time. And it is a difficult subject – not only because it is a sensitive topic and still harbors a certain stigma, but also because many people just don’t know how to read the signs. They have the best of intentions, but not enough knowledge to feel comfortable deciding if what they are seeing/hearing is a warning. All we can do is spread the word.

The ribbon is also mourning the passing of the USA’s place in the international community. Trump is getting ready to meet Kim Jung Un in Singapore. The meeting is tomorrow, June 12th. No one will ever convince me Trump didn’t use that date on purpose, so he had an excuse to leave the G7 summit in Canada early. I think it was completely intentional. There is so much wrong with this whole scenario it is difficult to know where to begin.

Don’t get me wrong; I am all for improving international relations, even with an isolationist dictatorship. We get nothing done by constantly fighting. The more we can compromise and learn to live with each other, the better off we will all be. Meeting with Kim is not the problem. SCROTUS, as usual, is the problem.

SCROTUS is in the process of starting trade wars with our oldest allies – Canada, France, Germany, Mexico, Great Britain. Many of our allies were at the G7 summit in Canada last week; SCROTUS showed up and proceeded to antagonize them all. He appeared to be convinced he could bully them into trade concessions, and then left right before the group started to discuss their environmental positions with Singapore as an excuse. SCROTUS is against the climate accord, so you can see why I am convinced he insisted on a June 12th meeting that would get him out of those talks. The leaders of our allies do not respect SCROTUS, and increasingly feel he is taking the US on an isolationist course. They are perfectly willing to handle things without the US if necessary.

To top it off, SCROTUS tried to bully the G7 into reinstating Russia to the group. Russia, which meddled in our elections, and which has interfered with our allies; which shot down a passenger jet while invading the Ukraine. Russia, which is led by Putin, SCROTUS’ handler. The rest of the G7 said no.

Yes, SCROTUS is the problem, and the problem in a nutshell is this: People tend to hang around those whom they wish to imitate, or at least those of like mind.  Combine how SCROTUS treated our allies with how he is handled by Putin, how he has conflicts of interest through China (mentioned in last week’s post), and how he is meeting with Kim.  The result is SCROTUS is alienating the countries that are closer to democracy so he can hang with dictators. THIS IS BECAUSE HE WANTS TO BE A DICTATOR IN THE USA. SCROTUS is suffering from autocrat envy.

The flip side of this problem is that his supporters are ok with this. Not sure why. I guess they’ve tried to bully their way through life, trying to preserve their privileged status and keep down anyone different from them, and now they have a bully in the White House so they feel safe.

I wonder how safe they will feel when our freedoms are destroyed. It has already begun.

Until next week….


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