End of Week 314 – Welcome to “USA – the reality show”…

Purple Tree

This week’s picture is one I post when I feel the need for tranquility and reflection. Also, it is a favorite of a lot of my friends and family.

June has arrived. We are half way through Gemini (mid-May to mid-June). The new hurricane season has begun (Puerto Rico still needs a LOT of help recovering from the last hurricane season). The weather is slowly getting warmer (although today is cool, windy, and rainy). Fathers’ Day is right around the corner (what to get my husband?). And, last but definitely least, I will turn 65 this month (OMG! How did I arrive at this??).

Sixty-five is an important age in our society. People associate it with being OLD, being a Baby Boomer, retiring. For me and those like me, turning 65 and already retired, the biggest thing is going on Medicare. Going on Medicare itself is not that big a deal. I went on-line and registered for Parts A and B, received my card in the mail, and sent a copy of the card to the Pension Office that runs my retirement benefits. However, as many TV commercials will tell you, unless you want to pay a lot out-of-pocket you need a “supplemental plan” to cover what Medicare doesn’t. This is where it can be complicated. I lucked out. The State, from which I retired, offers their own supplemental plan, with prescription coverage, through BC/BS Highmark, and since my husband and I are both State retirees we don’t have to pay for it. All this started for me on June 1st and the only thing I have to remember now is to give my new cards to various medical offices.

Another important part of turning 65 is taking care of oneself. This involves the thumbing of the nose at those who think you should slow down, while at the same time realizing that you might have to take things a little more gradually regarding new exercises and sports. No point in getting injured, right? It is also a good time to review your current diet and make improvements. Personally, I have found that being retired has given me time to cook at home more and avoid fast food – always a good thing. We are also eating a lot more salad with raw veggies. I just hope all this revamping helps me drop a few pounds.

The meeting of SCROTUS and Kim Jong Un was on.  Then it was off.  Now it is on again. Today’s headlines talk about lowered expectations and SecDef Mattis making all types of hard-liner statements. What tomorrow will bring is anyone’s guess. At the same time, SCROTUS is imposing huge trade tariffs on our allies while engaging in conflict of interest activities with China. SCROTUS promises China that tech company ZTE will be able to do business in the US (contrary to supposed sanctions). Next thing you know First Daughter Ivanka is awarded a bunch of Chinese trademarks, and a Chinese construction company is given a government loan of $500M to build a project that includes a Trump Hotel and golf course.

Our government is busy alienating our allies and cozying up to dictators, trashing our environment, and restricting the rights of individuals. So what is SCROTUS tweeting about? You guessed it – the special investigation into possible Russian interference with our elections, and possible collusion, conspiracy, or whatever you want to call it between campaigns and Russia before the election. Yep, he is still tweeting about Mueller.

Now he is including the FBI and the DOJ in his attacks. He has accused them of planting “spies” in his campaign (back in 2016) and using informants for “political purposes”. In reality, the FBI received information indicating Russia was up to no good relating to our elections so they told BOTH campaigns about it, and then proceeded to investigate. They were just doing their job. If they had done nothing, SCROTUS would be complaining about that. In fact, he has. Well, have they been looking into Russian connections or not? SCROTUS can’t have it both ways. This is nothing but DISTRACT, DISTRACT, DISTRACT!!

The entertainment industry has a saying, “Love me or hate me, just don’t ignore me.” This describes SCROTUS well, although, he needs a lot more of the “love me” part. Anyone who pays attention to the way SCROTUS talks will realize it is all about him as far as he is concerned. Everything has to be about him and it all has to be positive. If it is negative, it is “fake”. I don’t think he is very happy being in his appointed job. He was happy when he was campaigning because it was just one rally after another before well choreographed and well scripted “adoring crowds”. As I’ve mentioned before, the man is an adoration addict. He needs a 12-step program. He is still going to rallies as often as possible so he can get his adoration fixes.

We are in a holding pattern at the moment. With SCROTUS it is always, “You’d like to know this, wouldn’t you? Well, stay tuned.” Life in the US has become one big reality TV show, and I despise reality TV shows. I just hope this one doesn’t end with a dictator taking over.

Until next week….


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