End of Week 311 – Rollercoaster Week…


HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!! We have a LOT of mothers in my family. This picture is of my mom (right), and my aunts, Carol Lee (center) and Trudy (left). Our family has a long tradition of very strong moms, going back to my grandmother and even further. Our dads have not been slouches either, but that is a subject for June.

It’s been another week of frustration regarding exercising. I keep trying to get to the gym, and other things keep coming up. We got a new front door, are getting new basement windows, need trees trimmed, and of course there are the usual medical appointments. I’m hoping next week I’ll be able to get there more (I keep saying that – one of these times it’ll happen). I’ve been eating pretty well.

In current events, there’s good news and bad news, as the old saying goes. The good news is events seem to be progressing regarding North Korea. SCROTUS will be meeting in Singapore with President Kim on June 12th, assuming everything goes as planned. Kim has announced plans to dismantle NK’s nuclear testing facility. This is being hailed as a big step forward, and I truly hope it is, but I have some reservations.

First, NK is not known for keeping promises, but that is not my biggest concern. What really worries me is that there is a BIG difference between not going forward with nuclear development, and giving up what they already have. I’m not sure we know exactly how far NK has come in becoming a nuclear power. Just what do they already have? This is worrisome, but until we see reason to doubt NK, I’m going to hope this is a true effort at establishing peaceful coexistence. My other major concern is the behavior of SCROTUS. We have no way of knowing if he will behave himself during a face to face meeting. He is a loose cannon, and will want to make it all about him. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do to ensure he is diplomatic. He is an uncontrollable toddler.

The bad news is that while SCROTUS is busy taking credit for all the work done by Kim, SK prez Moon, and the US diplomatic corps, he and his minions are sinking to new lows domestically.

  • AG Sessions was almost gleeful when announcing that he intended to separate children from their parents if families cross into the US illegally. I realize if someone is caught entering illegally they should be sent back, but to WANT to separate children from parents?? To revel in the idea?? And announce it like it is some great achievement?? Happy Mothers Day from the US government! There are monsters lurking in the current administration.
  • During a discussion of opposition to SCROTUS’ CIA nominee (during a staff meeting in the WH), one aide noted the opposition of Senator John McCain (AZ) (who is fighting aggressive brain cancer) and made the comment, “It doesn’t matter, he’s dying anyway.” This was leaked, and has caused quite an uproar. Now, the person who said it reached out to McCain’s daughter to apologize, but I haven’t heard how that went, if at all. The uproar, even more than the comment itself, was caused by the fact that SCROTUS has not said ANYTHING about the comment – not verbally nor in Twitter. He tweets about everything else, but cannot acknowledge how bad that statement was. Plus, when Sarah Huckabee Sanders addressed the subject at a press briefing she complained about the fact that the statement was leaked – not a word about the statement or the aide who said it. And, as of this writing, the aide still has her job. To paraphrase Joe Biden, we wondered when decency would hit rock bottom with this administration. It happened at that staff meeting.

And just so you know the bad news is not restricted to the domestic front, SCROTUS has pulled the US out of the Iran nuclear deal. Why is this bad? Because it sends the message that the US cannot be trusted to keep its promises or stick to its deals. This could eventually affect our dealings with NK, but a more immediate concern is how Iran will react. Our allies who signed the deal with us have said they will continue to uphold the deal, and Iran may continue to work with them. This will leave the US looking like the pouty kid that didn’t like what was happening and stomped away.

Fact is, nothing SCROTUS has said about the Iran deal has any foundation in fact.  The ONLY reason SCROTUS hates the deal is that it was created during the Obama administration, and SCROTUS is determined to dismantle everything that happened then. Even if it means we look like spoiled, angry toddlers.

That certainly fits SCROTUS anyway.

Until next week….



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