End of Week 309 – Still Looking for Spring…

Spring 2014 004

Well, another week, another medical procedure.  Last week my husband had corrective surgery for his dialysis fistula (arm port).  This type of thing takes up a good 3 days what with preparation, procedure, and recovery.  It really messes with my exercise and eating. This coming week I’m hoping there are no appointments and I can get to the gym more.  One thing I wanted to do when I retired was spend more time at the gym. So far, that has not come to pass, but I’ll keep trying.

My husband has followed through on the arrangements he needs to make for transplant consideration.  He has made an appointment for a colonoscopy consultation and talked to his neurologist about a new sleep study.  I’m very proud of him for not putting these things off.  A lot of this, including more trips to Christiana, will happen at the end of May.

We’ve had a couple of nice, warmish days.  Then, today, another unusually cool day.  This coming week should slowly get warmer, but by next weekend we are supposed to be close to 90 degrees.  I guess that’s spring – rollercoaster temperatures leading into summer.  I’m not a fan of warm weather.  Once it gets above 80 it is too warm for me, but we have good fans in the house and central air once the hot weather really settles in.  Right now it is still too soon for AC.  Overall, however, this has not been a great spring.  Too cold and too wet.  I sound picky, don’t I?  Oh, well.

SCROTUS skipped the White House Correspondents Dinner again. Not only did he not attend; he criticized it as a “very big, boring bust.”  Of course, it wasn’t.  It was pithy; it caused some controversy; boring it wasn’t.  SCROTUS talks this way about anything that does not praise him.  While the dinner  was going on he was in Michigan obtaining one of his adoration fixes – a staged, scripted, fan-stacked, choreographed appearance that is about as real, genuine, and spontaneous as professional wrestling.  Besides his self-praise and his immature name calling of opponents, two things stood out.

  1. He threatened to shut down the government if Congress doesn’t give him funding for his border wall.  You know – the wall he PROMISED, over and over, would be paid for by Mexico.  I don’t want ANY tax money going for it, but besides that, the wall would simply be a waste since it will not work the way he thinks.  Not in this age of technology.  A physical barrier might stop a few immigrants who may be on foot, but a lot of what SCROTUS says he wants to stop is related to drugs and other crimes, and those people will not let a wall stop them.
  2. Not sure in what order it happened, but in the same speech as the wall threat SCROTUS also said that the immigrants who work the farms will be allowed in.  SCROTUS does not care if what he is saying contradicts something he said before. One day he will tell city people that all immigrants are horrid rapists and that we need to completely close our borders.  The next day he will talk to farmers and tell them we need to let farm workers in.  The man simply does not care about the truth or about giving explanations for his contradictions.  At this adoration fix he thought he was talking to Midwest farmers who would love a promise of letting in farm workers.  He miscalculated.  The farmers further west (Arizona, California) would be a better audience for that promise.  The Michigan audience gave the announcement a rather lukewarm response.

The other big news this week happened on the Korean Peninsula.  The leader of NK met with the leader of SK at the demilitarized zone (38th parallel?) and each crossed into the other’s territory together.  They had extensive meetings.  Then they announced that they hope to have a peace treaty signed, formally ending the Korean Conflict, by the end of this year.  If Kim Jong Un follows through on this and his promise to curtail his nuclear program, the world will be a safer place.

Before we get too excited, let’s remember that NK has broken similar promises before.  However, the possible result is good enough that Kim Jong Un should be given the benefit of the doubt until and unless there is evidence of a repeat of the past.  The funny thing about all this is that SCROTUS is taking all the credit.  Make no mistake, the president of SK did all the heavy lifting on this project, but he is giving SCROTUS credit.  I think it is because he does not want to endanger SK’s relations with a US pseudo-leader who has a very fragile ego and is addicted to adoration.

The US pulled out of active combat on the Korea Peninsula, and went into peacekeeping mode, in 1953, the year I was born.  That was 65 years ago.  If the president of SK thinks including SCROTUS is necessary to accomplish his goals, I can understand and I hope it works.

Until next week….



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