End of Week 308 – Starting Down the Path…


This is my husband. It was taken at a restaurant a few years ago.  He hates cooked spinach and our waitress was having fun with him by giving him some.  We all got a good laugh out of it.  We have been married 37 years, and we are now heading down a path with different challenges than we are used to seeing.

My husband has kidney failure.  He started dialysis in January.  We hope this new path we are on will lead to a transplant.  Last Thursday we spent the day at Christiana Medical Center taking the first steps on this path.  Patients and their support persons come prepared to spend the day, and the kidney transplant team at Christiana conducts an evaluation in one day that other centers take 90 days to complete.  We saw the surgeon, the nephrologist, the nutritionist, the social worker, nurses, PAs, coordinators, and attended an educational session.  We still have to see the cardiologist.

We learned about the plusses and minuses of having a living donor versus receiving a kidney from someone who dies.  We learned how one qualifies for a transplant and what might keep one from being put on the list.  We found out how long the wait is and what the wait-time factors are.  We heard about what it takes to be a living donor and how patients benefit from the swap program.  This is a whole new world, and it is incredibly complicated.

I want to be a living donor for my husband, but I may be too old (65 in June).  I’d also have to drop some weight, but I think I could do that.  I’m always working on that.  Otherwise, I’m pretty sure I’m healthy.  The upper age limit for being a live donor is 65, so I’d have a year to do it after June.  Our son would be a living donor despite the fact that the thought of surgery frightens him.  He’s entitled to that after having 23 surgeries growing up.  However, he is younger and healthy other than having a cranial-peritoneal shunt.  We’ll see….

I’m hoping to chronicle our journey through TransplantLand on this blog.  His next step is arranging for a couple of tests the team wants and meeting with their cardiologist at the end of May.

I wasn’t able to follow a lot of politics with all our medical business happening, but I heard about the Republican distractions.  The GOP has asked that the DOJ probe Comey in relation to how Mueller was originally hired.  They want the DOJ to say that Comey mishandled classified information when he leaked his personal memos.  They say the appointment of a special prosecutor was the direct result of what they say are illegalities, so Mueller must be fired, his investigation terminated, and the information…well, they haven’t said what is to be done with the information.

This is obviously a GOP attempt at distraction from all the attention being paid to the raid on Cohen’s offices and residences (SCROTUS’ fixer attorney), Stormy Daniels and at least one other woman wanting to come out about improper sexual behavior by SCROTUS, and Comey’s new book.  I’ve bought the book and it may be the only non-fiction book I ever voluntarily read.

Finally, I wish a peaceful transition to Barbara Bush, filled with light.  She was a classy lady.

Until next week….


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