End of Week 307 – A Week of Distractions…

Violets 002

This is an old picture, but I have noticed these same wild violets blooming in the yard.  As I said last week, spring is coming no matter how hard winter tries to remain.  We just had a couple of sunny, warm days.  Today is cloudy and cool.  That is what transition seasons do.  Come September into October I’ll be ready for the reverse process – with cooler days gradually overtaking the warmer ones.

I didn’t get to the gym at all last week, but I did start plowing through my bedroom and giving it some new order.  This means getting rid of a lot of old clothes and other stuff. Fortunately, I have no hoarder tendencies.  Things tend to accumulate here, but once I get it in my mind to clean I show no mercy.  If I haven’t needed something since I put it away, I get rid of it.  I transferred my shirt and sweater storage to zippered storage boxes, which freed up my black shelves to store my shoes.  I still have a dresser to clean out and use to store jeans and more shirts.

The roller coaster weather is wearing people out.  Those of us with joints that are more accurate at predicting weather than our local TV stations are really feeling it.  I’ve lost a lot of sleep with aching knees and several friends of mine have mentioned similar problems.  This coming week we have to go upstate for a medical evaluation on Wednesday, but I hope to get to the gym at least a couple of times before that, regardless of the weather.

Life is full of distractions.  Some are personal.  All our medical obligations sometimes distract me from my exercise and diet.  I tend to get distracted from my writing by the internet and its social media.  Then there are the bigger distractions that are intentionally started by those who need them.

Such is what we have seen this past week.  The big news for most of the week was the raid on the offices and living areas of SCROTUS’ personal attorney, Michael Cohen.  No, it was not by Mueller.  Mueller handed his information off to the FBI because the subject did not fall into the realm of the Russian questions.  This raid is more about possible campaign financing violations, and whatever else they may find.  A lot of it may have to do with payoffs to women who are not supposed to talk about their activities with SCROTUS.

Hot on the heels of the raid, a new book by former FBI Director James Comey (fired by SCROTUS) is set for release this coming Tuesday.  Comey has been hitting the promotional circuit in advance.  It is said the book is not exactly flattering to SCROTUS.

In the wake of all this there has been a full-blown offensive by SCROTUS and the Republican National Committee (RNC).  As usual, SCROTUS is taking to Twitter for his attack; calling Comey a “slimeball” and deciding his nickname is “slippery James Comey”, among other insults and name calling.  Yes, SCROTUS is his normal classy self with bully tactics, name calling, gutter level insults, and poor grammar.  For its part, the RNC has created a website called “LyinComey.com”.  I’ve glanced at it and I think that the RNC should be careful about exposing themselves to a civil action on the basis of defamation.  The saving grace is that all this reaction is keeping the public’s attention on Comey’s book.  Sales should increase.

However, besides the frontal assault, there is also the distraction.  On Friday SCROTUS, along with Great Britain and France, launched missiles at Syria.  They targeted buildings that they thought housed Syria’s chemical weapons work.  The missiles hit their targets.  The buildings were destroyed.  With the exception of Syria, Russia, North Korea, and Iran, the international community approved of the action.  The action was in response to the Assad government using chemical weapons on its own people.  The action was a measured response and was understandable.  Nevertheless, it was a distraction on SCROTUS’ part.

Whenever SCROTUS does not like what is happening – like the raid and Comey’s book – he does something else to distract the public.  In this case, his distraction played right into his tiny hands.  The world was expecting a reaction to the chemical attack anyway.  For days there was nothing.  Now we know that the delay was because we warned Russia way in advance so they could get their people out.  That’s ok.  Russia warned Syria so they could get their people out.  That’s ok too.  I’m happy there were no human casualties.  However, I simply cannot believe that as they were evacuating people they didn’t also evacuate as much research and work on their weapons programs as they could.  They had days.  Our missiles hit the intended buildings.  It’s just that I’ll be very surprised if the buildings were anything more than empty shells by the time the strike happened.

That’s the nuts and bolts of the situation.  That being said, I’d be remiss if I didn’t state that this entire week is just one more example of why human beings are the worst species on the planet, and Assad, Putin,  and SCROTUS are examples of the worst of the worst.

Until next week….


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