End of Week 306 – Transitions…


Happy Birthday to my cousin, Linda, who recently passed away.  We miss you more than you know! I hope your spirit is celebrating with all the members of our family who went before.

In life, change is the only constant.  We are still working through my husband’s health problems. His second round of infection is clearing up.  He is getting back into the routine of dialysis.  He will be getting an evaluation for a possible kidney transplant in about 10 days.  He has to keep up with his diabetes specialist and his cardiologist.  Despite all this, he feels better than he has in a while.  Changes of life.

Winter is fighting to stay in charge this year.  Five storms in quick succession, snow into April, cold temps as far south as Texas.  People were on Facebook saying, “So, are we just not doing Spring this year?”  But, trees are blooming, goldfinches are becoming yellow, early grass is growing, and early spring flowers are blooming, regardless.  The forecast for this week has warmer temps after Monday.  Spring may finally be making an appearance.  Changes of season.

This week’s picture is in honor of Major League Baseball’s opening day last week.  Yes, I am a die-hard Cardinals fan.  It was COLD at Busch in St. Louis yesterday, but baseball goes on anyway.  Another sure sign of spring.  Changes of sports seasons in the US.

A man pulls a gun and fires into the ceiling of a movie theater.  A young man is killed by police, and then a mentally ill man is killed by police.  In each case the police are being unfairly judged without due process, without having all the facts, based on rabble rousing and inflammatory statements from people like Al Sharpton.  If nothing else, this shows that we need police to work more on a community level so they can learn who belongs in their neighborhoods – and it shows that people who are not involved and don’t have all the facts need to keep their noses out of these things.  Trial by social media and 24-hour news is NOT due process.

This morning we woke to news that Assad, in Syria, launched another chemical attack on his civilians.  This comes right after Trump makes an announcement that he wants to pull our troops out of Syria, so many are saying there is no way Assad did this – that the timing is wrong.  They are forgetting that we are not the only people in the world who have learned that Trump’s words mean nothing.  We don’t believe what Trump says (since he changes his positions the way most of us change underwear), so why should other world leaders, like Assad, believe him.  In fact, he probably thinks that since Trump made his statement this may be the best time to get in all the attacks he can. Assad probably believes that at the very least Trump won’t retaliate.

A woman with a gun attacks people working at YouTube headquarters.  A man with a van drives into a restaurant in Muenster, Germany.  A Texas bomber.  These things, along with everything else that is happening, and what is SCROTUS concentrating on?  He is busy sending National Guard troops to our border with Mexico.  I’m sure he had visions of soldiers shooting untold numbers of Mexicans trying to cross into the US illegally, but he forgot about the law: Posse Comitatus.  This is his reaction to not getting any money for his new border wall.  It’s like the schoolyard bully going away and then coming back with his friends to exact revenge.

Good to know that in this time of transition some things never change.

Until next week….



1 thought on “End of Week 306 – Transitions…

  1. I hear you cousin! Thanks for your blog. You are a good voice to be heard! Love ya, Carol Marsden Taylor

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