End of Week 304 – Opinions are like armpits…


Of course, this picture is for the March for Our Lives that took place yesterday in Washington DC and hundreds of other places, mostly in the USA, but in other countries as well.  This picture is from the Women’s March in January, but you get the idea. I don’t have a picture from yesterday yet.

Yesterday’s march was by the young people who are sick of mass shootings, and their supporters.  Not all young people agree, but this particular march was for common sense gun ownership reform and school safety.  I watched the whole thing and contrary to what NRA members would have us believe, not one speaker called for banning all firearms.  They do want a ban on civilian purchases of automatic (military style) assault rifles, but not one said we should take all the guns from everyone.  Not one said a single negative word about hunting.  It was all about assault weapons, background checks, and other common sense measures that would not hurt anyone’s second amendment rights, but still cannot seem to get passed by Congress.

And speaking of Congress, there was one overriding theme yesterday – VOTING. Many of these young people will be voting soon – some in 2018, some in 2020.  They made it clear that they will get involved in the process and try to vote out any politician who appears to be controlled by the NRA.  They are tired of inaction.  They are tired of nothing changing.  The NRA has seen to it that the status quo is maintained, at the cost of lives.  I’m not a young person, but I believe in voting and I will be right there every chance I get to support this cause.  I like that they are emphasizing working within the system.

A conservative I know said (imagine this in a sarcastic tone) that he was amazed at how the young people, without adult help, put all this together in a few days, with a huge setup and Hollywood celebrities.  This is part of the problem.  Just because the adults involved didn’t put themselves out front on this doesn’t mean the kids didn’t have adult assistance.  Of course they did.  And the kids did not try to hide that fact.  I heard about it on several reports and read several articles about it. Many of these kids are not old enough to sign a contract, so of course they had adult assistance.  However, conservatives should note: ASSISTANCE IS NOT THE SAME AS MANIPULATION. Just because you cannot sign a contract doesn’t mean the person who signs for you tells you what to think!  Conservatives want to talk about manipulation? Those running the NRA are MASTERS of it!!

One more thing all this has impressed upon me: We are all preaching to our respective choirs when it comes to this stuff – and most things political.  There is an old saying, “Opinions are like armpits.  Everyone has them and they always stink.”  Our country is divided and most of us hold rather strong opinions on important issues.  We talk and write and argue.  Very seldom if ever does anyone change their mind on something. I’ve come to a couple of conclusions.  First, those who consider themselves members of the party in power (currently the conservatives) always call for everyone to “come together” for the good of the country.  Those suggestions are disingenuous at best.  What they mean is the rest of us better agree to everything they want.  Never gonna happen.  There will always be an opposition. Consequently, I’ve concluded to never call for “coming together”.

Second, I’ve concluded I will continue to write and argue as I see fit.  Of course, the first amendment says I can.  A better reason is that it helps me think through my positions and see the finer points.  I do not think I will convince anyone to change an opinion.  My expression is more for me.  The second amendment is a perfect example.  I despise guns and the super-macho power mentality they seem to generate.  However, in thinking things through I realize calling for a gun ban is completely impractical, never mind unconstitutional.  The second amendment is completely flawed in its present form – it needs major tweaking – but we don’t need to remove it from the Constitution.  I’ll go into what’s wrong with it in another post. The point is writing and arguing about it has honed my perspective on the subject.

We had a storm last week (as I mentioned in an earlier post) so I got to the gym once, but I got on the treadmill at home on other days.  My eating is improving because my husband has finally decided he should change his eating as well.  He never tried to keep me from eating well.  It’s just that we can’t afford two different grocery trips. I’ve dropped a couple of pounds, and am looking forward to seeing what I can do in warmer weather!

Until next week….


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