Delayed Week 303 – Spring, where art thou….


See this picture?  Yesterday was the first day of Spring, and when I look outside today this is what I see.  We, along with the rest of the NE section of the country, are getting slammed by the 4th nor’easter in less than a month.  This one is packing a lot of snow.  We will get a few inches.  I’m afraid the areas from NY to Boston are going to be hit hard.  The snow is heavy, wet, and icy.  Just hope the power stays on.

Yesterday there was a shooting in a Maryland high school.  The school resource officer stopped it after 2 students were injured.  Could have been much worse.  Shooter was a 17-year-old white male.  There was also an escalation of bombings in Austin, TX.  Overnight they found the bomber (who blew himself up) – a 24-year-old white male according to this morning’s reports.

Seems many, if not most, violent acts like mass shootings and now bombings in this country are carried out by white males.  There are exceptions, of course, but so many events involve white males that it raises questions of WHY.  I just read an article that summarized many reports regarding this.  The conclusion, in a nutshell, was that white males are now insecure about protecting their families and their place in our workforce. It was worded various ways in the article, but amounts to this: White males are the group that until recently had all the power and pretty much ran life in this country.  This slowly changed, and continues to change (albeit even more slowly under SCROTUS).  As white males as a group see their power eroding they react in various ways – drastically increased gun ownership, overt acts involving control over others (shootings, bombings), etc.  Yes, they are insecure regarding their place in this changing society.  Sometimes mental illness is also involved, but not every time.

Which leads me to wonder about SCROTUS’ reactions to these events.  I wonder why he describes perpetrators who are “of color” or immigrants as evil and criminal, while he describes those who are “white” as “sick”?  Seems a bit hypocritical, but it doesn’t surprise me that SCROTUS sees things this way.  He also likes using the few events carried out by immigrants/people of color politically – pushing the wall or for action against certain groups.  What a scumbag.

I’m running late with this entry, but I’ll be back this weekend.  Until next week….


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