End of Week 302 – All Hail….


Didn’t get to the gym but once last week.  It was one of those weeks when I’d get up and get dressed for the gym and then something would happen that required me to stay home or go do something else somewhere else.  I’m hoping to correct this in the coming days.  My husband and I are going to try a new eating plan based on information from TOPS (Taking Off Pounds Sensibly).  The system has worked very well for my brother and it is not nearly as expensive as Weight Watchers.  You have to be ready to expend the effort – they guide and advise and counsel; you have to get the food and make sure you are being honest about it.  I like that you buy your own food at the grocery store or wherever rather than having to buy the system’s food.  They emphasize that.

I find I’m not enjoying retirement as much as I thought I would.  In part, I think most retirees discover this.  Anticipation is never the same as reality.  In part, I think it may have to do with all the medical stuff for which I must be available – taking my husband around to various appointments and talking to surgeons and transplant centers.  However, I recently realized part of my problem is that I am very goal oriented, and I like to have an end point in view with some kind of recognition at the end.  That is one reason I do well as a student – I’d love to go back to school and get another degree, but it would be VERY expensive and at my age I don’t know what I’d do with the degree.  I just love the thought of graduating, and I’m completely willing to do all the work that leads to it.  I went through the same thing years ago when getting my black belt.

I know what I have to do.  The trick is getting myself to do it.  First, I have to convince myself that losing weight and getting in better shape is goal oriented.  I know that sounds funny.  Most people would say, “Of course it is!  Your goal is to weigh less and be more active, thus healthier!”  But, if I lose weight and get in better shape, what happens then? What recognition is there besides my own knowledge?  That question leads to the second item: I may have to construct my own recognition for these types of victories, assuming I ever have one.  I need to stop depending on the approval of others and figure out what I can do with new situations for myself.  Maybe write about it or get into a lot of 5K walks for charity (one of my goals this year is to walk at least one 5K again – it has been a long time).  Maybe both.  I can say this; being retired has let me see where I need to change and improve.  Before, having an outside job cluttered my thinking.

Politically, this has mostly been a week of follow-up; continuation of subjects that started the previous week.  There has been lots of talk about ICE, California defying the federal government, the federal government suing them in return, AG Sessions trying to “shame” California and especially the Mayor of Oakland, videos all over social media of families being broken up by ICE agents.  I don’t blame the ICE agents for what is happening.  They are doing their jobs.  I blame the federal so-called “administration” as they talk about how they are targeting gang members and serious criminals, but keep separating families of undocumented immigrants whose only brush with the law has been something like traffic tickets or maybe DUI.  I realize being undocumented is technically illegal, but it seems to me the feds are (to quote an OLD expression) throwing out the baby with the bath water.

There was more speculation about developments with North Korea.  This is really a wait and see game.  We’ve been here before, and NK has lied about wanting peace and denuclearization before.  I’d really like to see this effort succeed, even if SCROTUS take all the credit.  It would be worth it, and anyone who is paying attention can see that the president of South Korea is the person who really did all the heavy lifting in this case.

Of course, we had news involving guns.  There were a couple of shootings – 3 women working in a Veterans’ Administration home were held hostage and eventually killed by one of the residents.  Yes, a gun was used.  A teacher tried to commit suicide with a gun inside his school.  Florida passed a law raising the age to purchase firearms to 21 and was promptly sued by the NRA for violating the rights of those aged 18 to 20. I think SCROTUS is being sneaky about this issue.  Publicly he is saying things like we should ban “bump stocks” and raise the age to purchase assault rifles to 21. He is taking small steps that he knows the NRA will fight, and so he will probably never have to worry about anything actually being enacted.  The court battles could go on for years.  SCROTUS has also said we should arm teachers.  This will probably be set on a state/local level, so, again, SCROTUS does not have to worry about being responsible regardless of how it turns out.  As usual, it turns out to be a fat lot of nothing.

SCROTUS signed the steel and aluminum tariffs.  Another wait and see game.  He exempted Mexico and Canada at least temporarily, but that won’t keep the prices on goods that trickle down from steel and aluminum from rising.  SCROTUS says “American workers first.”  Looks like that is followed by “American consumers LAST.”

And since I like to finish on a lighter note, it looks like SCROTUS is getting his military parade on Veterans Day in November.  No tanks – I think the local government of WDC told the feds that if they tear up WDC streets they will have to pay to fix them!  SCROTUS will be in a reviewing stand, surrounded by Congressional Medal of Honor recipients.  I’m sorry, but I laugh each time this crosses my mind.  I keep picturing SCROTUS as a Roman emperor, sitting in the stand, surrounded by his “senators”, looking very smug as he accepts all the worship bestowed by the military and the citizens, while his closest advisors try to figure out how to not invoke his wrath.  I truly think this is how SCROTUS sees himself!

By the way, this week’s picture is of the first tree I’ve seen bloom so far. Spring is coming!

Until next week….


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