End of Week 301 – Wild and Wooly in Washington…

Zalmy Wainhaus photo

This week’s picture is one I saved from a recent Facebook post. It may have been shared by my cousin, Carol, in Arizona. I’m afraid I do not know the photographer’s name, but it is one of the most beautiful and peaceful images I’ve ever seen. We need some peace and tranquility now.  Since nothing much is happening in the diet and exercise front (except we finally got the treadmill going again), I’ll jump right into the reasons we need some quiet.

The Winter Olympics are over and this has left a news void that SCROTUS has been only too happy to fill.  This week the news has been filled with (in no particular order):

Lots of discussion about Jared Kushner’s lack of security clearance. Turns out there are lots of people in the White House who deal in classified material, but do not have complete security clearances.  However, Kushner’s big project was supposed to be brokering a Middle East peace involving Israel and Palestine, which definitely involves classified material.  But as several sources noted, the White House Calligrapher has a higher clearance than Kushner.  We are still waiting to see how long it takes Jared and Ivanka to leave – SCROTUS won’t do it himself; he’ll get Chief of Staff Kelly to do the dirty work.

SCROTUS rocked the US political landscape when he held a televised meeting from the White House with legislators, the press, and students and parents involved in the Parkside, FL school shooting.  At that meeting he supported banning “bumpstocks” and raising the age for buying a gun to 21.  He also said something about taking guns from dangerous people first, and then going through due process.  At the time my thought was that it isn’t enough, but it’s a start.  Every effort starts somewhere.  That was on a Wednesday.  Then, on Thursday it was announced SCROTUS and our bible-thumping VP had a meeting with the chief lobbyist from the NRA, and that they do not support any “gun control” measures.  SCROTUS can get whiplash reversing direction that fast.  I know the rest of us did!  He is a disingenuous prevaricator who says whatever he thinks will benefit him at the time and with whomever he is speaking.  Truth be damned!

Another serious subject this week was SCROTUS beginning trade wars with the rest of the world.  He announced that the US will be imposing a 25% tariff on imported steel and a 10% tariff on imported aluminum.  In anticipation of this announcement, China and other countries have already been dumping their cheaper products here.  Most of SCROTUS’ advisors who have anything to do with this have advised him it is not a good idea.  He actually said trade wars are easy to win.  HE HAS ACKNOWLEDGED THAT HE IS DELIBERATELY STARTING TRADE WARS!  How irresponsible can one person be???  He seems to think US action will not be answered by actions from other countries.  News flash, SCROTUS – nothing happens in a vacuum.  Of course, domestic steel and aluminum companies are thrilled.  I wonder if they realize that products dependent on those materials will probably be priced right out of the reach of the rest of us.  I can’t decide which is better – the baby and bath water analogy, or the nose and face analogy.

And tucked down under the rest of this news is the fact that apparently SCROTUS has no “red line” when it comes to the Assad regime in Syria using chemical weapons against his own civilians.  It has been confirmed that chemical weapons have been used recently and that scores of children have been injured and killed.  SCROTUS hasn’t even mentioned it, and definitely has not taken any action.  My opinion is that he is afraid of offending Putin, who is Assad’s biggest supporter – to the point of bombing schools and hospitals in Syria for Assad.  Putin has both Assad and SCROTUS in his pocket.  We will suffer for it eventually.

Finally, on a lighter note, this weekend SCROTUS had a richbitch GOP donor dinner at Mar a Lago. (100 days at his properties instead of governing) First, the news noted that SCROTUS is beginning to campaign for 2020 re-election.  Where have they been??  SCROTUS has been campaigning for re-election since the day after inauguration!  He campaigns each time he travels to one of his adoration fixes that he likes to call rallies.  Adoration is a drug to him.

Second, at this dinner he made a speech.  In that speech he praised China’s leader, Xi, and said he liked that Xi is now president of China for life.  SCROTUS then stated that he hoped the US would give that plan a shot someday.  I don’t really think there is any danger of that here, but the statement itself made me laugh because it confirmed what I’ve always said about SCROTUS.  He thinks he should be an autocrat; a dictator; a sovereign head of state.  Someone in the federal government recently and accurately described it as “autocratic envy”.  He dreams of consolidating all the power, just like Xi.

All this does not even count that Putin announced he has a new nuke that cannot be intercepted and can reach anywhere in the world.  SCROTUS didn’t say much about that either.

I hope next week is calmer.  Not sure we can sustain this pace for long.

Until next week….



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