End of Week 300 – No shortage of political fodder….


I can’t believe I’ve been journaling for 300 weeks!  This week’s photo is in honor of the beginning of spring training for major league baseball.  I am a lifelong and diehard Cardinals fan.  My son loves the Orioles.  My husband’s opinion of baseball is similar to my opinion of football – who cares? LOL!  Well, he’s had his football, and NASCAR has started, so I can’t wait for my baseball!  That, and March Madness in college basketball, are my favorites in the sports world.

I’ve been trying to work out a schedule for getting to the gym.  I really want to go MWF, but those are my husband’s dialysis days and they have a tendency to call him in early, so it is difficult to plan.  I may just try M – F, all 5 days, and try to get there early enough that it doesn’t interfere with dialysis.  If I plan on all 5 days then missing one once in a while won’t hurt.  Eating is changing.  I find I don’t eat as much now that I’m home.  I’ve always been a stress eater, and even with my husband’s medical problems I find I am much more relaxed now that I’m retired.  It is a good feeling.

The news this week has been pretty much taken up by either the Winter Olympics or the NRA/CPAC convention on the heels of the shooting in the high school in Parkland, FL.  I’ve enjoyed what I’ve seen of the Olympics.  The US came away with some surprise medals.  What I really love is that you can watch and appreciate all the good performances even if the athletes aren’t from the US, and no one says “you’re unpatriotic!”  Sorry to see them end.

Last week I mentioned the courageous students from Parkland, FL who have decided enough is enough when it comes to guns and school shootings.  Well, they are still active; making the talk show rounds, trying to meet with legislators, etc.  Point is, they are committed and determined to make themselves heard.  This is a good thing.

In contrast, also last week, the lowest of the low (LOL) met for a convention of political conservatives, supported mostly by the Conservative Political Action Committee (CPAC) and the NRA (no translation needed).  Now, not all conservatives belong in the exclusive club of the lowest of the low, but the LOL (which is also my reaction to them when the subject is trivial) is extremely vocal and can make it appear that everyone who claims to be conservative is just like them.  They tend to bully, dominate, and drown out.

Reasons the LOL are despicable: 1. The NRA is an organizational member of the LOL. During the convention speakers from the NRA attacked mainstream media.  Ok, so what? That in itself is not the problem.  However, a particularly horrible female NRA member stated that “crying white mothers” are ratings gold.  First, bringing race into a discussion of losing children shows a complete lack of character. Second, as someone who has found herself in the role of the crying mother due to a gun-related event (not a school shooting), I am outraged by the NRA’s trivialization of these parents’ suffering and this community’s anguish.  Reducing the tragedy and those 17 deaths to a media trick definitely fits the requirements of the LOL.

2. The LOL have been busy trying to discredit the student activists from Florida.  They have called the students “actors” and claimed they have been “coached”.  This may not have originated with the convention (I think it started before the convention), but those in the convention encouraged the campaign.  Frankly, anyone who thinks teenagers who, after going through such a horrific event, need to be coached to have strong opinions about what happened either has never raised a teenager or has not been around many of them.  Their honest and self-determined opinions are hardly in short supply!

Regarding the students being outside actors; the teens being so described are the ones who were right there when the shooting happened.  They were interviewed immediately.  So are the LOL saying some liberal talent agency knew the shooting was going to happen and planted actors among the students right then and there?  That is exactly how ridiculous that accusation sounds.

Again, not all conservatives belong to the LOL – just the really loud ones.  I believe the volume has been turned up because they are frightened of the student’s potential. Even SCROTUS has made some minor suggestions for gun reform – not  enough, but a start.  This tells me they are running scared, and their suggestions sound like attempts at appeasement – give them a little and maybe they will calm down and go away.  Don’t count on it!

I am looking forward to seeing how much these young people can do working together.

Until next week….


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