End of Week 299 – Sadness, but with a difference…


Diet and exercise are happening. Not sure if they are helping yet, but I’ve been to the gym 3 times this week which is not bad considering how much medical travel is required.  We are 6 weeks into 2018 and I can’t remember a sadder, darker beginning to a year.

It started with the loss of my cousin Linda (mentioned in an earlier post).  That actually happened December 29th, but I consider anything after Christmas as part of the following year.  Then a man with whom I worked passed away in January.  Then another man, one with whom I worked closely and actually supervised, passed away last Thursday. This passing hit me particularly hard because he died of complications associated with Multiple Myeloma, the same disease that took my mother.

Just about the same time, we heard the news about the mass shooting at the high school in Parkland, FL.  Students and teachers lost – 17 in all.  Others injured.  We are still experiencing the fallout from this event.  In some ways this shooting was just like all the others – most of us feeling powerless; politicians sending “thoughts and prayers”; the inevitable reheating of the gun control and mental health debates; blazing social media.  All that has happened before.

But miraculously, wondrously, it didn’t end there this time.

This shooting is different.  It is different because these victims refused to take this quietly.  They refused to retire into the background and simply accept everyone’s good wishes.  The survivors, the parents, the teachers’ families – THEY GOT MAD!  Parents appeared on the news networks, grabbed the microphone, and yelled at the politicians (even directly at SCROTUS).  Surviving students are making their opinions known through the news, holding rallies, making future protest plans.  This time the idiots in Washington DC are going to know what the victims want.  The GOP is saying it is not right to discuss the politics this soon after a shooting.  Really??  Tell that to the protesting students in Parkland.  Tell that to the parents expressing their anguish on the news.  If it’s time for them, IT’S TIME FOR YOU!!

Been a busy week for SCROTUS.  There was the school shooting; then there was the announcement of the indictment of 13 Russians in Mueller’s investigation – charged with election interference.  First, SCROTUS claimed that the indictments vindicated him and his campaign because the 30 page document did not mention the campaign or any collusion.  I guess SCROTUS thought this ended the investigation.  WRONG!  Mueller is just getting started.  But that reaction was predictable.

What wasn’t expected was SCROTUS using the Florida shooting to undermine the FBI, saying they missed signs and clues about the shooter because they were too busy trying to prove his collusion with the Russians.  Using the shooting for his own political gain is despicable.  The man is a monster.  This cannot be overemphasized.

Until next week…..


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