End of Week 298 –


This is a shot of my back yard.  Every once in a while deer will drop in for a meal.  I love it because I can see them from where I sit to write.  In fact, this picture was taken through my dining room window.

Seems most of my time now is taken up by my husband’s medical needs; mostly due to transportation.  He’s not an invalid, or someone who has to have 24 hour care, or anything like that.  It’s just that he’s dealing with so many different places, and they all say “have someone drive you”.  Frankly, it irritates him.  Getting him started on dialysis followed by 2 weeks in the hospital.  Now dialysis 3 times a week, reconnecting with the surgeon to fix his fistula, and an upcoming appointment to be evaluated for kidney transplant.  And I have to be available to chauffeur him to all these places.  This is retirement for me.  I guess it’s good that I no longer have the concerns of an office.

I’ve dropped about 5 pounds.  Being home makes it easier to eat less.  This surprises me.  I honestly thought it would be the opposite.  I’m going to the gym as much as I can, but I’ve had to put my personal sessions on temporary hold because of an unpredictable schedule with all the medical places.  Ultimately, I want to be sure I can take care of my husband so I can be sure he hangs around for a long time!

In my last post (which I just published – where was my mind last week??) I mentioned a memo that originated from US Senate republicans on the Intelligence Committee (specifically Nunes).  It was released to the public despite the objections from SCROTUS’ handpicked FBI director.  I also mentioned that the republicans on the committee refused to declassify a memo written by the Democrats.  It appears that memo was sent to SCROTUS so he can decide whether to release it.  I still have not stopped laughing at that.

This has to do with FISA warrants.  It stands for Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act.  I’m no expert, but apparently there are rules to follow in getting warrants associated with this Act.  The GOP memo alleges the Dems violated those rules in getting FISA warrants.  Some of what it said has already been proven false, and even the GOP-led FBI warned that the memo has significant material omissions.  In other words, the GOP senators cherry-picked the information they would release.

Now SCROTUS has returned the Dems’ memo to them saying he will not release it because it contains classified information.  That did not seem to bother him when he considered the GOP memo.  He said the Dems need to return the memo to him “in proper form”.  To quote Rep. Adam Schiff (D – CA), the hypocrisy of the situation grabs you by the throat.

What it boils down to is SCROTUS and the GOP are hiding something.  Just what are they covering up?  We may never know.

I’m watching the Olympics.  I prefer the summer games, but these are fun too.  I enjoyed the opening ceremony and loved seeing the two Koreas marching in together.  It may not lead to anything else, but for now it is inspirational.  I just don’t think the leader of NK is going to be willing to do anything that makes him seem less powerful, but we’ll see.  His sister certainly looks defiant – not very friendly.

Until next week….


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