End of Week 297 – Good Riddance to January…


(I can’t believe I didn’t hit “publish” on this one!! This is last week’s.)

Seldom have I been happier to see a month go.  January was full of cold, rain, snow, and medical emergencies.  I spent it going to the hospital instead of the gym, and now I feel like I’m starting all over in my workouts.  However, my husband is home and feeling much better so I’m hoping this week will have a few more trips to the gym.  I’m also hoping that I’ll be able to eat better now that I’m away from the food at the hospital.

Today the Philadelphia Eagles play the New England Patriots in Super Bowl LII.  The game will be played in Minnesota (in a dome of course).  Kickoff is around 6:30 and the only reason I’m glad is because my son, his fiancée, and her son will be here to watch, and maybe one of my son’s friends.  I ignore football for the most part, but am very glad to see the end of the season.  I’m counting the days to baseball spring training.

The big political news this week was a memo.  A memo by Senator Nunes (R – CA) (SCROTUS sycophant) that had to be declassified by the Senate in order to be released on SCROTUS’ authority.  Nunes wrote it and serves on the Intelligence Committee.  The importance of its contents depends on whom you ask, but I think how this is being handled is more important than what the memo actually says.

First, the FBI and the DOJ both objected to declassification and release.  In fact, the loudest objection came from the FBI Director, who was HANDPICKED by SCROTUS. He stated there are material omissions in the memo’s information.  Then the release was authorized anyway, at which point TwitterLand lit up with SCROTUS claiming it completely vindicates him in the Russia probe.

The Democratic members of the committee drafted a rebuttal that explained what was missing, but we still don’t know what that is because the GOP members will not agree to declassify the rebuttal so it can be released.  It boils down to the GOP telling the country what they want us to hear, and then deliberately keeping us from hearing the whole story.  And it’s really obvious.  I mean, they aren’t even trying to hide what they are doing!  It’s like the GOP Senators are the muscle men for a dictator!

Quick mention of SCROTUS and his first State of the Union Address.  It was full of lies, and most of the time only half the audience was standing and applauding, as expected.  Standard for SCROTUS.  What struck me was how SCROTUS looked while speaking.  I do not like being “talked down to”.  SCROTUS “talked down his nose” at everyone the whole time, and between talking points he grinned while looking down his nose and placing what can only be described as a smirk on his face.  Later he claimed the largest audience of any State of the Union in history.  Not true.  You can read about that from news sources.

The game is on.  Guess I’ll join the family.

Until next week….


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