End of Week 296 – What Day Is It?


Ok, it’s another picture that I just like.  Been a rough 2 weeks, so I’m treating myself.

Today my husband has been in the hospital for a week with that infection I mentioned in my last post.  I actually ended up having to call 911 for him last weekend.  We now know what it is.  We still are not sure how he got it.  It is an infection of the lower digestive system called C. Diff.  The bad news is that if it is not treated the consequences can be dire, especially for older people.  The good news is C. Diff. is bacterial, so it can be treated with antibiotics.  His white cell count is back to normal, so I suspect he can come home once his symptoms subside.  The question is, how long will that take?  He is discouraged and frightened. Good thing I retired.  I can take care of the home front, go to the hospital, and not have to worry about what is happening at the office.

The disadvantage to all this is that I’ve made it to the gym only once since all this started. I do some walking at the hospital, but not nearly enough.  I had dropped about 4 pounds, but it is slowly coming back, despite my watching what I eat.  I’ve always needed exercise to lose.

Of course, it has been difficult to follow the news while dealing with these health issues, but I’ve seen enough to know SCROTUS is up to his old tricks.  He always is.  He has now done an about-face on DACA, saying he would be open to giving the Dreamers a path to citizenship.  Before you start thinking this is a change of position, you should realize this “concession” comes at a price.  SCROTUS wants much tighter border security (which is ok) and at least 25 billion for his border wall (which is NOT ok).  The wall would be a complete waste of money.  Historically, the success of physical border fortification is questionable at best, but especially in these modern times.  SCROTUS needs to read up on Hitler’s Atlantic Wall of 1944.  Hitler tried to fortify the northern French border to prevent an invasion from across the English Channel and into places like Normandy.  It wasn’t a continuous, one-piece wall.  But it was a series of physical fortifications using small towns, bunkers, etc. all along the coast.  Plus, Hitler had an army.  As people are fond of saying these days, “Yeah…how’d that work out for you?”

The Atlantic Wall didn’t do much to stop D-Day and that was during WWII.  If SCROTUS builds his wall, it may stop a few individuals for a short time, but it will not even slow modern-day drug runners.  There are just too many ways around that type of barrier.  Air, sea, technology – all give the advantage to those trying to get themselves or some product in the US.

Also, do you remember when SCROTUS was campaigning and he promised to build a wall?  That was not all he promised.  He also promised, many times, that MEXICO would pay for building it.  Now he wants the US taxpayers to spend 25 billion for it.  Basically, SCROTUS is holding the Dreamers for ransom.  I want to hear how he plans to collect from Mexico.  Not some indirect plan where Mexico ends up paying tariffs and other stuff.  That won’t work – Mexico will just trade elsewhere, and will charge us more for other things.  If he cannot get Mexico to pay for it directly, I think we should raise a stink.

The other big SCROTUS news was his trip to Switzerland to talk to other filthy rich business people (mostly men).  Was I the only one who noticed his speech was basically a rehash of one he made earlier in the year?  Some of it was verbatim, like the part “America first does not mean America alone” and the part about putting Americans first just like other leaders should put their citizens first.  He spoke very slowly.  I guess that’s how he stays on script.

The news said he was applauded.  Of course he was – they were all rich business people.  Oh well, at least he got an adoration fix.

Until next week….


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