End of Week 294 – Figuring Things Out…


No special reason for today’s picture.  I just like it.  That’s reason enough right now.

I am using my food journal.  I am back at the gym.  My training sessions are now Fridays at 8am.  I’m hoping that all this will help me start losing weight and moving better as a beginning to my 5K project.  I also would like to look a lot better by July 1st, which is my niece’s wedding in Virginia.  Maybe with a couple of nice goals I will be able to finally make some progress.  I got on the scale and am up to 285, which I HATE!  But maybe that will turn around if I can stick to this plan.  I am not following any special eating pattern except to not have any more holiday goodies in the house, try to not snack between meals, veggies for lunch, lots of water, and watch portions.  Oh – and of course record what I eat!

As promised, we had a taste of Spring last week.  Yesterday Winter came back, and today it’s much colder.  However, the warmer weather melted the snow and while it’s cold today, it’s not very windy.  I can handle cold if it’s not windy.  My backyard feeders are full.  The usual assortment of doves, chickadees, wrens, house finches, goldfinches, titmice, and of course my downy and red-bellied woodpeckers, have arrived to partake.  Yesterday there were also blue jays.  This morning I saw a couple of robins.  Do robins migrate?  The last few years we have seen robins year-round.  I’ll have to look that up.

I need to start writing, but my mind is taken up with worry for my husband.  He just started kidney dialysis and has become quite ill.  We don’t know if it is a reaction to something used in the dialysis or perhaps he has caught the stomach bug that is going around.  It has him very discouraged, and I think he is scared.  When he gets scared he acts angry – I think it is a “man thing”.

Last week a lot went on politically, but nothing overshadowed a single statement by SCROTUS.  It was reported that during an important meeting on immigration (attended by one democrat and a bunch of republicans) SCROTUS asked why we let so many people from “sh**hole countries” like Haiti and certain countries in Africa in the US.  He said we should get more people from places “like Norway”.  SCROTUS has denied using  “language” – he did not specify what the language was – but I don’t think anyone believes him.  I know I don’t.  The report of this statement has had predictable reaction worldwide.  We have a flat-out racist man occupying the White House.  Those from the insulted countries are mostly dark-skinned while people from Norway are mostly light-skinned.  I hope no one is surprised that SCROTUS feels this way.  He’s pretty much demonstrated it all along.

My personal opinion is that most people living in Norway are not interested in coming here to live.

Until next week….


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