End of Week 290 – I have good news and I have bad news….


We had a second snow. Surprise!! It was pretty and did not interfere with much.  I hope it warms up a little.  Makes it easier to get to the gym.  We have entered that quiet time between Christmas shopping and Christmas day.  That time we sit and wonder what we’ve forgotten.  I think I’ve done ok this year.  We finally got our tree today.  It is short and squat because there wasn’t a lot from which to select.  Everyone else got their trees last weekend.  My husband likes to procrastinate.  However, I will say he got the inside of the house decorated early and it is beautiful.

I’ve decided I’m just going to do the best I can on eating and working out between now and Christmas.  Working out should not be a problem.  Eating – well, we’ll see.  I need to start drinking more plain water as well.

I have only 9 work days until retirement.  It is really 2 full weeks, but one of those days is Christmas so that makes 9 work days.  My husband is having a good time asking me how it feels to be “a single digit midget”.  He says it is an old Air Force term.  It should be an interesting time.  My last day in the office is my mother’s birthday and my first day home that I would normally be in the office will be our 37th wedding anniversary.  After that it will be a completely different world for me.

This week’s picture states something we can all keep in mind, but is something I especially wish I could tell SCROTUS.  One of the things that irritates me the most about him is how he uses name-calling and insults in his tweets.  I don’t like the lying either, but it’s the name-calling that makes him look like a spoiled child and a bully.

As the title says, there is good news and there is bad news.  The good news is Roy Moore lost the special election in Alabama.  It appears the state of Alabama will not be represented in the US Senate by an accused pedophile who waves guns around in public and thinks stating that “one of our attorneys is a Jew” makes him tolerant.  Bama will be represented by Doug Jones, a somewhat conservative Democrat.  He is a supporter of the second amendment and supports reducing corporate taxes, but in other ways he supports Democratic positions.  Most important, he is not accused of any type of harassment or abuse.

The bad news is passage and signing of the Republican tax overhaul is all but certain – maybe before Christmas.  Personally, I don’t think the changes are going to affect us much if at all.  Our taxes are just too basic.  We don’t itemize any longer – we are too far into our mortgage for it to be of benefit.  For a few years we may benefit a little from an increase in the standard deduction.  Other than that this bill does not appear to involve us at all.

I’m worried about others, like my son and our friends.  I’m not sure what will happen to the student loan deduction, but my son needs that.  Democrats are saying the bill does nothing but make the rich richer and give a huge windfall to large corporations.  That is not entirely true.  There are some modest benefits for the rest of us.  Problem is, those modest benefits are temporary.  They will phase out in about 5 or 6 years.  On the other hand, the much larger benefits aimed at the wealthy and large corporations are permanent.  Most of the bill will not take effect until the 2019 tax year.  A lot can happen in the meantime.

SCROTUS thinks giving all this money to the corporations will make our economy come roaring back and we will all make more money, spend more money, and give SCROTUS all the credit.  I can see a temporary uptick in consumer economic participation due to having slightly more money from the temporary tax benefits of the bill, but I think that will fade once the benefits phase out.  Anyone who thinks the corporations are going to take their extra money and funnel it to employees through higher wages is living in a fantasy.  That money will either be invested in updated technology (costing jobs), or will be given to investors and senior management as dividends and bonuses.  Trickle down economics does not work.  It didn’t work with Reagan and it will not work now.  All it will do is add over a trillion to the national debt, according to non-partisan analysis.  What we have not heard is how they intend to pay for that increased debt.  You can bet it won’t be from the wealthy or the corporations.

Until next week….


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