End of Week 289 – Delaware, Land of Surprises


This week’s picture represents the weather that surprised us this week.  Actually, just yesterday.  Here it is, early December, not even officially winter, and we had enough snow Saturday to shut down some social functions and make for some dangerous driving in some areas.  I’ve lived in Delaware for well over 30 years and I’ve always heard “Don’t like the weather?  Just hang around.  It’ll change.”  It was in the 50s most of last week, and now we have snow.  I watched it fall a lot yesterday.  It was pretty.

Are you ready for (insert holiday or season name here)?  That is the question I’ve heard, and probably will continue to hear, this whole month.  Surprisingly, my answer is “pretty much”.  I still need to get stocking stuffers, but my main gifts are secured! Each year I list the names of those to whom I give gifts, and this year the list was amazingly short.  I guess that’s what happens when nieces and nephews get older and start having kids of their own.  You get to the point that you simply cannot buy for everyone.  Fortunately, by then it is much more important to be with family and to communicate than to give gifts. My list now consists of husband, son, his fiancé, her son, son’s best friend who is also other son, and the people in my office.  This is the last time around for the office.  3 weeks and counting until retirement!

Working out was difficult this week.  My knees, especially my right knee, felt like they were falling apart.  I even used my cane a couple of times.  Thank heaven Will, my trainer, knows what to do for bad knees.  They feel much better now. I’m hoping to get back to fuller workouts this week.

Food? Maybe we shouldn’t go there.  Stuff comes out during the Christmas/Holiday season that we don’t see the rest of the year.  And there are traditions that must be maintained, no matter how much one wants to lose weight.  There are red and green M&Ms, chocolate chip cookies, butterscotch oatmeal cookies, German stollen and other German goodies, and of course fudge.  None of this stuff is in my house any other time of the year.  I know – just because it’s there doesn’t mean I have to eat it.  I’m not pigging out on it, but I want to enjoy myself, too.  Oh, well.

SCROTUS is tweeting up a storm, as usual.  The big thing now is the special Senate election in Alabama.  SCROTUS has officially endorsed the republican candidate, Moore, who has been accused of child molestation.  Think about that.  We have an admitted (on tape) sexual predator endorsing an accused child molester, and there is a good chance Moore will win.  Moore has denied the accusations, and I am all for due process, so I will not judge him on that yet.  Thing is, there is plenty of other stuff about Moore that should keep him out of the Senate.

Moore spoke at one of his campaign rallies and waved a gun around on stage.  He has said that the last time the USA was great was when slavery was still an accepted practice. He used to be a judge – he’s been thrown off the bench TWICE.  He has actually been banned from a shopping mall in Alabama.  The man is completely unfit for the US Senate.

The timing of all this is fortuitous for SCROTUS.  It just so happens he was going through adoration withdrawal and needed a fix.  He needed a fix and Moore needed an endorsement.  SCROTUS arranged a campaign rally (a rally for SCROTUS, not for Moore) in a part of Florida that is in the same TV market area as Alabama.  SCROTUS gets his adoration fix, Moore gets his endorsement, the RNC starts funding Moore’s campaign again, and everyone is happy.  At least all the hypocritical, gun-wielding, tunnel-visioned conservatives are.  We’ll see on Tuesday.  I don’t live in Alabama so I do not claim to know what is best for them, but I wouldn’t think having someone who is suspected of being a child molester as a senator would be good for anyone.

The other main action by SCROTUS this week was his announcement that the US is now recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.  The problem with this is that now he has destroyed the tenuous peace negotiations between the Palestinians and Israel.  Jerusalem is a city considered holy to 3 major religions – Judaism, Islam, and Christianity.  The reason Christians are not in this argument is that the importance of Jerusalem to them is not political – just historical.  The Jews and the Muslims, on the other hand, are fighting for this city for political as well as historical reasons.  I do not pretend to know how the Jews and the Muslims can work this out.  My opinion on this is strictly about SCROTUS.

SCROTUS wants a war (for political and economic reasons). North Korea is not getting there fast enough for him, so he is trying to start one in the Middle East. This is only my opinion, but it makes sense having observed the careless and irresponsible behavior of SCROTUS regarding these two areas of the world.

SCROTUS is also tweeting about immigrants, blaming them for crime, and is tweeting “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN” at random moments for no discernible reason.  It is pretty obvious that he wants the presidency to be one long campaign.  He is not knowledgeable or comfortable doing the real work of governing.  It calls for a level of calm, class, and ability that SCROTUS simply cannot attain.  His need for adoration fixes is coming more and more often.

The most interesting things are yet to come, I’m afraid.

Until next week….



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