End of Week 288 – Countdown…

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Ok, I finally got back to the gym.  My right knee was completely gone, but I knew I had to get back on the elliptical to get it back in line.  I was in a lot of pain, but the more I worked out, the better I felt. By Friday I was ready for Will and my training session.  He worked on my knee, which he had taped earlier in the week, and on Saturday morning it was greatly improved.  Now I’m feeling almost normal.

I asked Will if he thought it was a realistic goal to want to be able to walk a 5K by this time next year.  He said, “Sure!  Sooner than that!”  I’ll settle for this time next year.  I told him I’d do whatever it takes.  I know the first thing it takes is for me to start a food diary.  I keep trying to, but I eat on the run a lot and it is difficult to stop and write about food all the time.  However, I’m going to give it another shot.

This week’s picture is symbolic of my 28-year career with the State of Delaware.  It is now December, and I have made it to my last full month as an active State employee.  The sun is setting on my current career, but that’s ok.  I’m looking forward to doing other things after I retire, like maybe doing a lot more writing – work besides blogging – spending more time at the gym; reading more; doing some projects around the house.  By the way, credit for this incredible picture goes to NASA.  It was taken by them during the great North American solar eclipse.

SCROTUS is smelling blood in the water. The House and Senate have each passed their versions of a tax reform bill, so now all they have to do is reconcile the two versions.  Both versions are Republican up one side and down the other, so the middle and lower classes break even at best while the wealthy and large corporations get huge tax breaks.  What few breaks we regular people get are temporary and a lot depends on what type of group you are in – parents with children; grad students; retirees; singles – it all depends on the bill that finally comes out of conference.  The only thing guaranteed is that wealthy people and large corporations will benefit big time from this.

The worst thing about the passage of the Senate bill, which was the last one passed, was the way they did it.  It was edited behind closed doors; distributed with almost no time for reading and understanding it; distributed with handwritten notes in margins, most of which could not be read; and voted on in the wee hours of the morning so no one could do anything about the horrible way it was handled.  It was sneaky and deceitful and very typically Republican.

That was the good news for SCROTUS.  The bad news was that Michael Flynn pled guilty to lying to the FBI and is cooperating with Mueller.  SCROTUS claims he is not worried.  He should be.  Personally, I have no problem with Flynn avoiding jail if his information nets Mueller some bigger fish from the current administration.

The quality of SCROTUS’ tweets has not improved.  His claims get more and more outlandish everyday.  He started out this week claiming the Access Hollywood tape, which he basically acknowledged and said was just “locker room talk”, was a made up fake.  He finished by trashing the FBI via Twitter.  That’s entertainment!

Until next week…


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