End of Week 287 – Trying to take a break…


Happy Thanksgiving! I truly hope everyone had a great holiday with family.

That is my picture this week – family.  This is an old picture, but it has a lot of people from different parts of the country, and we can’t all get together that often.  I was lucky enough to spend this Thanksgiving with several relatives from this picture.  We had a wonderful time – we ate, but I think we had a better time singing and dancing.  We marveled at how musical our family is.

Tomorrow I go back to the gym before work.  I feel as though I have been away forever.  In reality, I don’t think I’ve gone a full week without at least a couple of workouts.  The main problem has been my reaction to the Augmentin I had to take for a sinus infection. I couldn’t get more than a few feet from a bathroom.  I stopped taking it the Sunday before Thanksgiving so that I could travel that Thursday, and I barely made it.  I know Augmentin is old school and that it gives most people a similar problem, but I still feel my reaction was not normal. Going forward, I’m going to avoid it.

Anyway, I know getting back to the gym is going to feel like starting over.  My knees are already hurting without my regular sessions on the elliptical.  They are the first things to go when I don’t get the exercise I need.  I’m looking forward to getting back.

I have not been trying to follow SCROTUS at his golf getaway.  It’s Thanksgiving, and I do not begrudge even SCROTUS a holiday weekend with family.  The problem is, he won’t stop tweeting, even to enjoy the holiday.  He is tweeting about the senate race in Alabama, and is endorsing an accused sexual predator in the process.  Of course, the candidate denies the accusations, and I would like to see the correct process take its course, but that may never happen.

SCROTUS also tweeted something about having turned down being chosen as Time Magazine’s person of the year??  So, that means he said he did not want the honor but wants to make sure everyone knows he was chosen anyway?? Well, first I want to hear from Time Magazine. I want them to confirm that the honor was actually offered to SCROTUS.  If so, that is one good reason to never subscribe to Time.  I know that being Time’s POY does not necessarily mean you are the “good” POY.  Sometimes the person named is more infamous than famous, but they are extremely influential in national or world developments.  Shoot, sometimes the person named is not even human.  I remember when they named the personal computer POY.  Still, offering POY to SCROTUS would turn me off for good.

In any event, I will probably spend more time trying to get ready for Christmas over the next few weeks than trying to gather political details.  May you be blessed with the holiday spirit as well.

Until next week….


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