End of Week 285 – We Have Returned….


Not much to report on as far as diet and exercise goes.  This is because my laptop and my body decided to get sick at the same time.  I’ve been fighting some kind of virus for 2 weeks.  I missed work, missed an entire week at the gym, slept in a recliner in my living room for 2 nights because I couldn’t breathe.  My breathing was so raspy that I kept myself up at night with the noise.  I am still coughing, trying to get rid of the remaining congestion.  However, I do feel human once again.

My computer was even sicker.  It was hacked.  It didn’t just get a virus; someone or some group actually took control of my computer, called me on the phone, and tried to get me to pay them $500 to “repair” it, claiming to be from Microsoft!  Boy, did they ever get an earful from me!  I literally told them I knew they put the freeze on my computer, that there was no way they were getting any money out of me, and if I had any idea where they were or who they were they would be seeing law enforcement.  I ended up taking my laptop to a local repair shop.  It cost me $150 to get it wiped and reloaded, but that beats the hell out of $500, for which I would have received nothing.

Yesterday was Veterans’ Day.  I was finally on line again, just in time to read every post thanking veterans and the military.  As I explained in my last post, I don’t share the opinion of most others when it comes to the military, veterans, military exploits, etc. (Despite being the daughter of one vet and the wife of another). My opinions have nothing to do with the individual soldier, sailor, airman, or marine.  They are doing a job just like teachers, nurses, accountants, carpenters, plumbers, bankers, and any number of other employed adults do a job.  My objections stem from a broader concern beginning with the opinion that the worst thing to happen to Earth was the development of the human intellect.  That concern continues into the opinion that humans are the only species that kills its own for reasons other than sheer biological survival, and the only species that not only conducts mass murder on an organized level, but also glorifies it.

As you can see, it’s not that I object to the military.  I object to the reasons the military exists. I object to the human behavior that makes organized mass murder necessary. I object to the greedy, the power-hungry, the self-important, the bigoted, the narrow-minded, and those who think everyone must agree with and live by their religious beliefs.  I object to those who think government must be based on the tenets of any faith.  These are some of the human characteristics that cause wars, and are the basis of why we, as a species, are rapidly ruining the planet.

I refuse to glorify war or the actions required to wage war.  It makes me sick that medals are awarded for being better at killing other humans.  I do not look on military veterans, or those who died in war, as heroes.  I see them as victims.  I truly feel for them, and feel the government and the human race owes them an apology.

Before anyone jumps on me about this, keep in mind this is based on very broad opinions about the human race in general.  I simply cannot make myself say that something as horrendous as war is “good”, “glorious”, “heroic”, or should be celebrated with parades, holidays, songs, and medals.  And before anyone asks me about defending ourselves when attacked – of course one would defend oneself. Even the lower animals fight back when attacked.  That is the idea of “sheer biological survival”.  However, the fact that one portion of the human race attacks a different portion in the first place over something like religion, or race, or international economics, only proves my point.

We have several days set aside during the year that observe something about war and the military – Armed Forces Day, Memorial Day, Veterans’ Day.  Even Independence Day is slowly being taken over by those who feel we must use it to honor those who participate in war.  I’d like to know why we don’t honor other professions?  Because those in war face dangers for their country? Teachers face dangers for our children – sometimes from our children – and put up with idiot parents, lack of funding, and administrations that seem bent on destroying our educational system.  That’s just an example.

I know nothing about this will ever change, but I figure this is my blog and I can vent if I want.  I’ve always felt this way about war and the military, but I think the appointment of SCROTUS brought it into focus.  I truly feel he is a danger to not only the USA, but perhaps the world.  He seems to long for armed conflict.  He is a toddler with nuclear weapons.

Until next week….



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