End of Week 283 – Waiting to See….


My weight is holding.  The week was kind of broken up, so I’m just glad I didn’t gain.  Exercise and diet were both spotty, but when I worked out I worked hard.  And I made my Friday session.

This week’s picture is my son and his band.  He’s in the middle.  I’m posting it because I get to hear him play tonight.  This is not real recent, but he has not changed that much – he’s dropped some weight, but the hair and general look are the same.  And the band consists of the same 3 people.  The name of the band is Fate Eternal.  The genre is Metal.

SCROTUS watch is fairly calm right now.  SCROTUS is still doing his daily tweet storms; insulting anyone who dares to think he is anything other than glorious and a great leader (which, despite what his base would have us believe, is more people than not).  His main effort this week was directed at fellow Republicans – Senators Bob Corker and Jeff Flake.  Each has decided to leave the Senate at the end of his term, and each has taken this opportunity to say what they really think about SCROTUS.  And it isn’t pretty.  Corker said the White House has become an adult day-care.

Of course, SCROTUS has to respond.  He said Corker decided not to run for re-election when SCROTUS refused to endorse him.  He said Corker “begged” for his endorsement, but SCROTUS refused.  SCROTUS also claimed Corker was instrumental in giving us the Iran nuclear deal.  It is interesting how reality changes when SCROTUS goes into defensive mode.

According to Corker he never asked for an endorsement, and I am inclined to believe him over SCROTUS.  Additionally, the recorded history of the Iran nuclear deal proves that Corker was not in favor of it.  As put by the NY Times, “Mr. Corker opposed it – and has the votes to prove it.”  The more charitable among us are saying SCROTUS got it wrong, but face it – the man lies on a regular basis.  I certainly feel he is intentionally lying, but no one can truly knows another’s mind.

Later in the week we heard about the Republicans opening two investigations into the Clinton campaign regarding a Russian dossier on SCROTUS – something about funding, I think.  Combine this with the Senatorial feud and what we have is a massive campaign of deflection and distraction.

Don’t get me wrong.  If Clinton’s campaign broke any laws, I want them held accountable, just like I want SCROTUS and his minions held accountable.  But here we are with all this Republican fussing, and what “quietly breaks” Friday night?  The announcement that the Mueller investigation has some indictments ready to hand out.  SCROTUS and the Republicans will raise hell about anything if it will keep Mueller’s business out of the news.

I am waiting to hear about Mueller’s next steps.  Nothing will involve SCROTUS directly, of that I am sure.  It is too early in the investigation for that.  However, I refuse to let SCROTUS or any of the Republicans distract me from what is important.  I hope others can also resist.

Until next week….


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