End of Week 282 – My Unpopular View of the Military….


Last week it was Olyvia.  This week – yes, you guessed it – it’s my handsome Sleuthy!  He’s a couple of years older than Olyvia, but they are best friends and have been from the day I brought Olyvia home.  What I do for one I try to do for both, so this week it’s Sleuthy’s turn.  Not that they care, but I do.

As I predicted, I gained this week, but only one pound.  I got more exercise than the week before.  My eating was not too bad.  Maybe that held the damage down.  This coming week I want to get more time at the gym.  For a while I may try to go after work.  In all honesty, all I really want to do at the end of the day is go home, and I have cleaned off the treadmill.  I’m thinking that my evening workouts may be at home, at least once it gets dark early and I don’t want to be out too late.  Getting used to exercising at home will also be good if we have a snowy winter (one can only hope!).

Politically, this week has been a mess.  It has been an entire week of feuding between SCROTUS and a US congresswoman with a propensity for reflective cowboy hats.  The truly unfortunate part of this is the subject: families who have lost loved ones in combat, also known to most as “Gold Star Families.”

Most of the time in these controversies I come down squarely against SCROTUS and for the opposition, whatever that may be.  In this case I have no love for either side.  Neither SCROTUS nor the congresswoman should have used the family of Sgt. La David Johnson as a political football.  There were several times during this demonstration of horrible behavior that one side or the other could have just STOPPED.  No one did.  The resultant research and reporting also caught SCROTUS with more “alternative facts.”  That is another topic for another time.  For now, I simply consider what happened the height of disrespect; shown by the government toward a person who died doing the government’s bidding.

In our society today one is not politically correct, or “right thinking”, if one does not worship the US military.  A day does not go by that we are not inundated by everything from print ads to broadcast commercials to ceremonies at sporting events to news stories all telling us to “honor”, “remember”, “support”, and otherwise acknowledge members of the military.  They are called heroes, especially the ones who are killed in action.  No disrespect intended, but I simply cannot support that position.

First, members of the military are not “heroes” to me, mainly due to the way I define the word.  A hero participates in a heroic endeavor or action.  I will never be able to think of war as a heroic endeavor.  That glorifies war, which is the least glorious thing the human species does.  My philosophy is:

“Homo Sapiens is the only species that intentionally glorifies organized, government-sponsored killing of its own for reasons other than sheer biological survival.  We truly suck as a species.”

Rather than “heroes” I think of those killed in combat as “victims”.  In fact, they are the ultimate victims of the stupidity of those in various governments around the world.  So, this question of expressing condolences to the families of those victims is outrageous.  It should not be a question of calling or writing or visiting, etc.  The government, currently headed by SCROTUS, sent these young people into a situation that exemplifies the worst human behavior possible.  If any of those young people die in the effort the government owes their families an APOLOGY by phone, in writing, and in person – ALL OF THE ABOVE!

They should say, “I’m sorry!  I’m sorry you lost your loved one so I can maintain my power and wealth.  I’m sorry your relative had to go someplace he/she did not want to be and try to kill other human beings he/she didn’t even know.  I’m sorry we, and the other  governments of the world, have too much greed and not enough sense to stop this insanity.”

To everyone else this is a question of respect versus disrespect.  As far as I am concerned, it is not a matter of not respecting those killed – I don’t know them well enough to know if I respect them individually.  I respect them as I would any human being.  However, I cannot respect the waging of war.  I feel sadness at the loss of life, and sympathy for the families who grieve for the fallen – and consternation at those in power who feel others must die for them.  And before anyone labels me “anti-military” know that I’m the daughter of one vet and the wife of another.  I’ve never blamed “the troops” for anything.  All blame falls on the “big wigs” in charge.

Until next week….




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