End of Week 281 – Administration of Destruction…

OlyviaFeb2015 002

Yep, here’s a huge picture of my pretty girl, Olyvia.  I just felt like posting a nice picture of her – she’s such a pretty cat.

This has been a strange week.  I feel like my diet was blown out of the water with special celebrations at work and fairly starchy dinners at home.  I also have not been to the gym since last Wednesday – a combination of unavoidable conflicts and taking some time off from work.  I’ll return tomorrow.  All that being said, on Friday morning I had dropped 2 more pounds.  Now I am one of those who believes what we eat triggers delayed results, so I expect to gain next Friday as a result of this past week.  This is part of the tricky psychology of dieting.  I’ll get back on program this coming week, then see I’ve gained, and become discouraged.  Of course, since I realize what’s happening perhaps the effect will not be as bad.  I bought myself a 25 pound kettle bell for exercising at home, and I want to clear off our treadmill, which consists of moving a chair into the bedroom.  Fortunately, the treadmill hasn’t yet become a clothes rack.  I’m doing all this in anticipation of the coming winter.

Looks like the sun is coming out after several cloudy days.  I don’t mind clouds, but our solar panels work better (or work, period) in the sun (DUH!).

If anyone had any doubt that SCROTUS’ sole mission in government is to wipe any trace of the fact that Obama was president from our history, this past week put those doubts to rest.  If you want a really good summary of what SCROTUS has been doing and what it means for the country you should start following political cartoonist Clay Jones.  Not only are his cartoons timely and on point; he blogs viciously accurate commentary with each one, and SCROTUS is one of his favorite subjects.  I think he calls his blog Claytoonz.

He, and everyone else who is paying attention, noticed this week that every move SCROTUS makes does nothing but undo something done by Obama.  SCROTUS pays no mind to any non-partisan analysis of his decisions.  He cares not that true experts say what he is doing will hurt millions of people, or will increase the national deficit, or is based on blatant “alternative facts”.  The only thing that interests SCROTUS is that his action destroys something that former President Obama put into place.  If it does not do that, SCROTUS does not want to be bothered with it.

SCROTUS’ “tear it down” method of governing extends to healthcare (doing away with ACA and leaving millions in the lurch), the military (oh, he’ll spend a lot on the military as long as transgender people can’t serve), the environment (encourage the use of fossil fuels, taking the US out of the Paris accord, and gutting the EPA of anything positive), and our national and personal safety (he just keeps prodding the leader of North Korea, practically daring him to attack either us or one of our allies).  I would say he’s against certain groups of citizens, but I’m not sure his reasoning runs that deep.

Historically, most presidents come into office with a political agenda that they try to enact through what they consider positive, constructive measures.  They propose legislation that will do something, not destroy something.  The result may be called that president’s “legacy”, but it all has to do with politics, policy, and money.  It isn’t really personal.  This is not the case with SCROTUS.

We are all familiar with the stories of what happens to former leaders in countries like the Soviet Union and Communist China.  Once someone new takes charge they remove the old leader’s pictures, all references to them in print, and all their policies.  The new leader wants it like the old leader never existed.  This scenario is frighteningly similar to what we are seeing SCROTUS do regarding Obama.  He can’t take it as far, of course, but he’s doing what he can along these lines.

The problem is SCROTUS has made this completely personal because everything is all about him as far as he is concerned.  I truly believe he doesn’t understand why everyone isn’t treating him like royalty now that he is in the White House.  If another politician or a news source makes a critical statement, publishes a negative story, or broadcasts an unfavorable report SCROTUS attacks, usually through Twitter, sometimes through public statements.  He seems to think that if he says it everyone is supposed to believe it unquestioningly.

And through all of this is his need for adoration.  It is easy to tell when he needs an adoration fix.  He schedules a trip to a republican state where they can guarantee a large, enthusiastic crowd for wonderful photo ops.  When he gets there he makes a campaign speech praising himself and insulting everyone he dislikes, and basks in the adoration of the crowd.  He has needed this type of fix several times since taking office.

A retiring US senator pegged it when he said the White House has become an adult day care center.  The man appointed president is really just an overgrown toddler.

Until next week….


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