End of Week 280 – Time To Buy Stock In Umbrellas?


Had a good week with the diet and exercise.  Friday morning I found I’d lost 4 pounds.  The first step in a long journey, as the Chinese say.  I’m hoping to get to the gym a lot this coming week.  Wednesday will be bad because I have to take my husband to a medical appointment, but I should be able to work out the rest of the time.  As for diet, I ate a lot of squash last week.  I have some left over for Monday.  The rest of the time I’ll lunch on cauliflower and green beans.  We are also making lentil soup at the office.  I certainly won’t go hungry!

I’m sure anyone reading this realizes I’ve brought out the black ribbon for the victims of the Las Vegas shooter.  Also for the victims of the numerous natural disasters the world has recently experienced.  Regarding the shooter, this is one time stricter background checks might not have made a difference.  However, access to certain types of weapons and gadgets like “bump stocks” certainly allowed him to do more damage than he might have.

It is time to define things about the second amendment.  It refers to “a well-regulated militia” and states the “right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”  Ok.  Back when that was written, did the authors ever envision the types of weapons that are available today?  The amendment does not say “guns”.  It never mentions them.  It says “arms”.  So, is there a restriction regarding the types of arms allowed?  Can my next door neighbor keep a nuclear bomb in his garage?  Would the second amendment zealots consider that “bearing arms?”  Ridiculous example, I know, but it points out one of the failings of the second amendment – the vague wording.  When it was written the authors didn’t have guns that would even carry more than one bullet at a time, much less fire hundreds in a minute or carry a pre-loaded clip with 30 rounds!  To them “arms” meant their basic single shot musket.

Many gun zealots support a literal interpretation of the second amendment.  They like to refer to themselves as absolutists, among other terms.  The amendment says the right to bear arms shall not be infringed, and so bearing arms – any arms – is to be protected.  So I guess the answer to my nuclear question is “Sure, why not”?

I despise guns, but I am not anti-second amendment to the point of saying we should ban guns.  For one thing, I know that is totally impractical.  Too many Americans rely too heavily on guns to make them feel like they have some measure of control over what happens to them.  That’s one of the reasons they have them.  The others are a little too snarky to be spelled out here.  Of course, the control thing is an illusion, but that is a subject for another time.  What I am is pro-common sense.  I want stronger background checks, restrictions on some of these more ridiculous semi-automatic weapons and oversized clips – things like that.

My SCROTUS watch took an interesting turn last week.  He was just doing his usual thing, and then he posed for a picture in the Oval Office with our top military officers.  He told reporters it was “the calm before the storm”, and when asked what he meant he said, “You’ll see.”  Now, that caused a little flurry in the press.  But then, just yesterday, he posted a 2-part tweet about North Korea, condemning diplomacy and sanctions, and saying “Only one thing will work.”  All this came after he told his Sec of State, Rex Tillerson, to stop wasting his time trying to talk to North Korea.  Taken at face value one might think SCROTUS wants nothing more than to go to war with North Korea.  That might be correct, but I can’t read his mind (what’s left of it).

I think our good Senator Chris Coons has a good handle on all this.  He said that SCROTUS is treating this situation with North Korea like a reality TV show in which SCROTUS is the star.  Makes sense.  He is using the statement during the military photo-op and his recent tweet to establish a season-ending cliffhanger.  Cryptic statements leading up to “You’ll see”; show a provocative tweet; cue ominous dramatic music; fade to black. The question is when does the new season begin and what will he do when it does?  Will there be a “storm” and what will it involve?

Sounds like we all need umbrellas.  I just wonder if they should be lead-lined?

Until next week….


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