End of Week 276 – The Job Isn’t Finished Until….


This week was a cluster as far as exercising goes.  I missed 2 days – one was planned, but one was not anticipated (traffic).  I missed my Friday morning session, although I did workout on my own that morning.  Finally got a really good workout in Saturday morning.  I’m hoping next week will be better, with fewer trips to doctors’ offices and such.  The fact that I stuck to my diet is probably the only reason I haven’t gained weight.

This week’s picture is making an encore appearance, but it has been a while since I used it.  We need to remind ourselves to dream as we get older.  I am reminding myself lately because I am getting ready to retire, and anyone who is retiring should be able to dream about what they want to accomplish once they have more time.

Next week I have a formal meeting at the Delaware Department of State to present my documentation and file my retirement application.  The documents they require made me chuckle.  I have to present copies of my birth certificate, my husband’s birth certificate, both social security cards, our marriage certificate, and I’m supposed to have docs to trace any name changes.  It’s that last thing that I think I’m going to simply say “NO”.

I changed my name for my first marriage.  For 7 years; from 1973 to 1980; I was Elizabeth Quinn Miller Barker.  The divorce decree changed my name back to Elizabeth Quinn Miller.  That was 37 years ago.  I’ve been married to my current husband, for whom I did not change my name, for 36 years.  My career with the State, which is how I earned this pension, has been going on for only 28 years, and for that 28 years I have had the same name as appears on my birth certificate.  I should not have to give them anything regarding my first marriage or my names at that time.  We’ll see.

Looks like SCROTUS and the leader of North Korea are playing chicken again.  NK has tested a nuclear bomb and fired missiles twice recently.  They have been firing them over Japan and they have been flying far enough to prove they can reach places like Guam.  SCROTUS has been tweeting a lot, calling the leader of NK “Rocket Man”, criticizing the UN as weak and ineffectual, and patting himself on the back for things that have nothing to do with him.

The second scariest part of all this is that SCROTUS and his minions (Nikki Haley at the UN, Rex Tillerson at State, etc.) all seem to think that our only option is military.  The scariest part is that I’m having a problem coming up with solid arguments against this line of reasoning – due mainly to the nature of North Korea.

Each time Kim Jong Un, the leader of NK, tests a bomb or fires a missile the UN Security Council meets in emergency session, condemns the action, and imposes stricter sanctions.  This is ok as far as it goes, but this type of action works only if the country on the receiving end gives a shit.  Kim Jong Un obviously does not.  NK spends all its money, such as it is, on developing their nuclear weapons.  Most of the regular citizens of NK do not have enough to eat.  Their economy is bare bones for everything but military.

We see a lot of pictures of Kim Jong Un and huge adoring crowds of people (remind you  of someone?).  Ever notice that Kim Jong Un is the only overweight person in NK?

Kim Jong Un cares only for keeping his power and becoming a nuclear state.  He does not care what his people go through.  They are already poor and starving, so what are sanctions going to do?  Kim Jong Un does not care one bit what the UN says or does.  Combine that with the fact that there are a couple of countries on the security council that pay lip service to the sanctions, but do not really enforce them, and you have a runaway nuclear train rolling down a mountain at breakneck speed into the valley of armed conflict.

In the end what we have is two children – one saying “no one is going to tell me what to do,” and the other trying to be a bully.  I’m terribly afraid the UN is not going to be able to handle this.

Perhaps Un and SCROTUS both need a change of dream.

Until next week….


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