End of Week 275 – If It Ain’t a Hurricane, It Ain’t Happening….


Hello, everyone.  This week’s picture is my mom, as I’m sure you recall.  I just felt like looking at my mom.  That’s all.  That’s enough.

The holding pattern in the diet and exercise department is still in effect.  I got to my workouts, I ate well (meaning healthy).  I’ll keep trying, especially now that the heat seems to be over.  Fall has arrived early.  Of course, that does not mean there couldn’t be one last heat wave, but things are cooler for now.

South Texas is trying to recover from Hurricane Harvey.  They really got blasted – total flooding.  Now the Florida Keys, Miami, and really most of the state of Florida is getting ready for Hurricane Irma.  Our family down there seems ready.  They (the national weather people) have determined that Irma is the strongest hurricane recorded in the Atlantic.  I think the next couple of days will tell the story.  Then Hurricane Jose is right behind her, but the weather folks are saying he will take a turn north and stay in the ocean.  That would be nice.  And let’s not forget Hurricane Katia.  She is in the Gulf of Mexico getting ready to hit Mexico’s eastern coast.

It’s like we have a freight train of major storms.  Of course, this is the normal height of hurricane season, but it still seems like a lot.  Maybe I’m just remembering the past couple of seasons that were relatively calm – there were storms but they didn’t come near any land.  This year they are landing.  And some feel their severity is evidence of global warming.

And then there are the climate change deniers, like Rush Limbaugh.  The ultra-conservative radio commentator went on the air and called these hurricanes a conspiracy by “the left” to drum up support for the climate change theory.  I think he also worked business people in somehow.  He said people don’t have to evacuate Florida because it’s all just a conspiracy.  Then he proceeded to evacuate his Florida home.  I’ve never liked what  Limbaugh does, and never agreed with his politics, but now he has crossed a line.  He needs to leave hurricane advice to the civic authorities authorized to give it.

Lest anyone get the idea that it does nothing in the US but rain, I should mention that the west is burning.  Wildfires are eating up endless acres in California, Oregon, and Washington.  They have dry conditions and high temperatures, which isn’t helping.

So, the Midwest went through an early spring full of destructive tornadoes.  Then the western wildfires started (and continue).  Now a series of hurricanes hitting the south and east.  We can only hope winter does not blast us with blizzards.  Think maybe the planet is becoming impatient with us?

Oh, and just so you know I’m not ignoring SCROTUS, I found his position and statements regarding DACA very interesting.  DACA is the program that was established by Obama through executive order that protects illegal immigrants who were brought to the US as young children by their parents.  In other words, they are here through no fault of their own, and this is the only country they know.   The US is their home.  Most of them do not even remember the country of their origin.  DACA protects them from deportation if they meet certain requirements.

SCROTUS has discontinued the program with a stay on action for 6 months to give Congress a chance to pass legislation that does the same thing.  If they do not do that, SCROTUS has said he may “revisit” the issue.  Of course, there are the normal arguments between those who want the program continued and those who say all these young people should have been deported yesterday.  That is not what I noticed.  I noticed how clever SCROTUS’ move was.

Consider what he has done.  SCROTUS punted the question to Congress.  This should end one of 3 ways: 1. Congress passes the required legislation, SCROTUS signs it, and pats himself on the back for getting Congress off its collective ass and making it get something done; 2. Congress does not pass the legislation, SCROTUS “revisits” the question, establishes his own program and makes himself out to be a hero; 3. Congress does not pass the legislation, SCROTUS does not establish a program, DACA goes away, the young people are deported, and SCROTUS blames Congress because they could not pass a bill in 6 months.  Along the way, SCROTUS may also obtain funding for his idiotic wall as part of a deal for signing legislation.  Anyway you look at it, he has a way to be the hero, or at least a way to pass the blame buck.  Clever.  Wonder which of his advisors thought of it?

Until next week….


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