End of Week 274 – Holding Pattern…

Keep Place Alive

I almost didn’t want to write this week, but I’ve been pretty good about keeping up with this so there’s no real point in letting up now.  This week’s picture is what I am telling myself – trying to keep that spark going during a time when things do not seem to be progressing on any front.

My weight seems to be back to maintaining, after going the wrong way for a while.  I’ve recorded what I’ve eaten and determined that if I cut back any more I’ll be losing nutritionally.  Not a good idea at my age.  Maybe it’s the exercise that needs to change.  I’m sure I have room to increase what I do if I can find the time.  Time is always elusive. I get to the gym each morning except Sunday.  Maybe I need a second trip after work, but I have other things that need to be done then.  Competing needs are frustrating.

I’m dealing with my husband’s health issues.  He is not well, but a treatment will make him feel better if they ever get him started on it.  I’ve never seen anything dragged out so long in my life. Meantime, he can’t breathe or walk or do any of the things he is used to doing.  That frustrates him and makes him angry, which makes time at home unpredictable often unpleasant.  I just keep my mouth shut because I really can’t hold his mood against him as awful as he is feeling.  I get frustrated because there isn’t anything I can do to help him.  I feel like we’re just waiting to fall apart a piece at a time.

Not even the news has been a distraction.  All week it has been about Hurricane Harvey, and rightly so, but I’m tired of watching it.  I feel for all the victims, but donations are pouring in and the politicians are all doing what they are supposed to do as far as their visits, photo ops, etc.  Harvey was a crazy storm.  It came through the Gulf of Mexico, beat up the city of Houston and that area, jumped around a little, went back out over the water, and then made landfall again in Louisiana.

Even SCROTUS handled his reaction to Harvey fairly well.  He’s made two trips to the disaster area.  The first was while the storm was still raging and consisted mainly of briefings and observations.  He was criticized for not going out and meeting the victims.  His response was he did not want to get in the way.  As much as I detest SCROTUS, I feel he was correct about that.  During his second trip he was much more involved with relief efforts and met lots of people.  I truly believe that the first time he would have been in the way.  Don’t know whether SCROTUS figured this out himself or finally listened to some of his better advisors, but he did the right thing.

Of course, SCROTUS still used the news dump tactic.  Besides what I mentioned last week, he has announced that he is pulling the US out of the trade agreement with South Korea.  Right after he announced that, North Korea had another test of a hydrogen bomb (our government is still trying to confirm some of the information).  SCROTUS did his usual good job of engaging diplomacy and diffusion, saying China has not been successful in controlling North Korea, and that North Korea “only understands one thing”.  Way to light that fuse, SCROTUS!!

So, it feels like our personal lives are stalled while the state of the world is barreling ahead, both out of our control.  It’s enough to create a headache.  I guess all we can do is hang in there until something either resolves, or gives, or explodes, or whatever.

I think I’ll read a good book.

Until next week…


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