End of Week 273 – More Got Dumped Than Rain….


Wow. Just noticed that I did not put a title on last week’s post. My mind must have been out in space somewhere. Of course, it was the end of week 272. I probably would have called it “Statues and Civility…”

Had a good week in exercise and stuck to my diet, but still no progress on the scale. In fact, it’s going the wrong way.  I sit way too much.  It causes my legs to swell. I need to figure out a way to get up and move during the day. It won’t be as difficult when I’m retired, but at the office all my work is done sitting.

I usually display the black ribbon to express my dissatisfaction with SCROTUS, and that is a part of it today.  However, this week it also stands for the destruction caused by Hurricane Harvey in Texas.  I wish nature’s fury on no one, and the flooding they are showing on the news reminds me of Katrina.  Harvey got big and packed a history making punch because it stalled and is just sitting over coastal Texas with rain, rain, and more rain.

SCROTUS has been tweeting nonstop about the hurricane, and that’s ok on its surface. At least he isn’t ignoring it. However, before anyone starts thinking that he is finally acting presidential and all concerned about someone other than himself, we need to look at what else has gone on this week.  It reveals his true intentions and the real reasons behind his voluminous weather tweets.

There are two tried and true moves that DC politicians have been using for generations when they do something that might be controversial – the Friday night news dump and the Disaster news dump.  SCROTUS lucked out in that Harvey made landfall on a Friday night.  SCROTUS (orchestrated by Chief of Staff Kelly) took advantage of the nation’s focus on Texas to do the following:  1. Remove another senior White House advisor; 2. Make official the banning of transgender individuals from serving in the US military; 3. Pardon the racist sheriff Joe Arpaio (from Arizona).

Now, I don’t know much about the advisor who left.  So many people have left this administration, what’s one more?  Banning transgender individuals from the military is more serious.  This was, and is, a blatant appeal to SCROTUS’ small, concentrated core of supporters who are, among other characteristics, homophobic and basically “omgtheyaredifferentfrommephobic”.  This decision could harm many intelligent and talented people who really want to serve.  Those who support the decision say transgenders are too expensive, citing their gender reassignment surgeries. Very few people have that surgery at the expense of the military, and the military spends WAY more on Viagra than on that surgery.  Regardless, it is a discriminatory decision.

And as far as the pardon of Joe Arpaio is concerned, that decision is supported by those who have tunnel vision regarding Arpaio’s actions while sheriff.  As far as they are concerned he spent all of his time arresting illegal immigrants and housing them in a “tent city”.  They refuse to acknowledge that he refused to investigate many claims of sexual assault, including the rape of a 13-year-old girl.  They refuse to acknowledge that he referred to his tent city as a concentration camp.  They refuse to acknowledge that he put a team together to travel to Hawaii to investigate President Obama’s birth certificate, when he had absolutely no authority to conduct such an investigation.  They refuse to acknowledge that SCROTUS ignored precedent and procedures set by the Department of Justice by issuing the pardon prior even to Arpaio’s sentencing (for a contempt of court conviction).  This decision was a combination of another appeal to the same core of supporters mentioned above, and blatant political payback to a staunch supporter.

I truly hope the people of Houston and other flooded areas of Texas get the assistance they need.  Things indeed look bleak right now.  However, the rest of us must not allow this natural disaster to blind us to SCROTUS and his tricks.  He has proven that he is not draining the swamp – he is the swamp!  And it is getting deeper and more entrenched each day.

Until next week….



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