End of Week 270 – Intermission….


Honestly, last week was not as productive as I would like.  I worked out, but not as much as I wanted.  I ate well, but that doesn’t seem to make any difference.  I need to increase my workouts, but I hate changing my clothes in the middle of the day.  I could go after work (at least I wouldn’t have to change back into my work clothes afterward), but right now I feel the need to get home to my husband since he’s not feeling the best.  I may have to fight that urge.  It really makes no difference.  We know why he’s not feeling well and we know in a few weeks he will start something that will correct it.  Getting up earlier in the morning for a longer workout and a short one after work might do the trick.

This week’s picture is my latest portrait of our female cat, Olyvia.  I thought it was particularly good, so here it is.  She is a pretty thing.  I love her tuxedo marking.  Maybe I’ll get a good portrait of our male, Sleuthy, soon.  He is as handsome as she is pretty, but he is not quite as cooperative when it comes to posing.

July is over. August is upon us.  July’s weather was miserable – way too hot and humid, even for a Mid-Atlantic summer.  Now that August is here the temperature is a little lower; more like a typical summer – in the 80s instead of the 90s.  It may not last, but we’ll see.

I wonder where the climate change nay-sayers are when it get this hot for this long.  First, I realize weather is not climate.  Weather is short-term, day-to-day, immediate events in the environment.  Climate is big picture and long-term.  However, and I believe I’ve said this before, each time we have a “polar vortex” or blizzard in the winter, or a snow too early or too late, those who want to deny climate change come out of the woodwork to make jokes, post memes, and write articles.  Well, last winter was the winter that didn’t happen (way too warm and too little snow); now summer is overly hot; we have all kinds of weird storms and other phenomena; and the National Weather Service has predicted a warmer than normal fall.  Funny how the sarcasm disappears in weather like this.

Politically, we may be starting a brief intermission.  SCROTUS just started a 17 day vacation at his golf club in NJ.  He insists it is not a vacation because he will have to tend to some business over that 17 days.  Well, that’s the type of job he has.  There are certain things only the president can do, and you accept that when you decide you want that position.  Hey, SCROTUS, live with it.  I check my office emails from home when I’m off.  It’s still called vacation.

In fairness (yes, even to him) whoever is in charge of White House maintenance is going be doing some remodeling and repairs during this time.  That’s cool.  I’m sure it needs it.  As long as they don’t gold-plate everything so SCROTUS feels more at home I’m ok with it. Frankly, taking a working vacation for a couple of weeks would be no big deal except that SCROTUS is in the habit of being anywhere except the White House if at all possible.  It has been reported that he referred to the White House as “a real dump”.  I have no idea if that report is true, but his actions seem to support the conclusion that he is of that opinion.  To this point, SCROTUS has spent weekends either in Florida (his club), New Jersey (his club), overseas (embarrassing us), or at campaign rallies (his adoration fixes).

Considering that in the past week Special Counsel Mueller has impaneled a grand jury, the new chief of staff is sitting on the White House staff, and AG Sessions is stepping up investigations into leaking; we can only hope that we get a small vacation from all the WDC drama while SCROTUS enjoys his golf for 17 days.

Until next week….


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