End of Week 269 – Farewell, July; the circus continues…

MoreMorningGlory 002

I got to the gym a little more than I thought I would this week.  I’ve also been on the hunt for good things to eat at work.  Birdseye has come out with a couple of protein based lunches that are mainly veggie and steam in the bag style.  I like it because it is packaged as one bag = one serving, so they anticipated that people would use them as entire meals.  One is Italian flavored (light parmesan sauce) and one is Southwestern flavored.  I hope that one has a little kick to it.

This week’s picture is from one of last week’s “silver linings”.  My morning glories in bloom.  I love them because they attract hummingbirds. I saw the funniest thing yesterday.  A good-sized house wren was being chased all over the place by a hummingbird.  It chased the wren right up into one of our large holly trees.  Of course, hummingbirds are known for being very territorial.

The temperature has come down some – I’d like to start going to the gym at lunch again.  If we don’t get another heat wave I might try it some this week.  It’s time for me to renew my gym membership and I have only one private session left.  Fortunately, I’ve been saving some money and I think I can afford my membership and 10 more half-hour sessions.  That should see me through to sometime in October.  I hope to have more money saved up by then.

I absolutely MUST start to lose weight.  Trying to do things would be much easier if I were carrying fewer pounds.  I’m not stupid – I’ve always known this.  It’s just so difficult get things started.  We’ll see….

It is becoming more and more difficult to follow the happenings in Washington DC.  Anthony Scaramucci gave an interview filled with personal attacks, name calling, and profanity.  He sounded like a classic mobster.  Keep in mind, this is the new White House Director of COMMUNICATIONS.  Much of the attack was directed at Reince Priebus, former WH Chief of Staff.  I say “former” because with the arrival of Scaramucci, Priebus was out in short order.  Priebus was one of the most supportive Trumpeteers around.

While this was going on, SCROTUS was bad-mouthing Attorney General Jeff Sessions at every opportunity.  Sessions was similar to Priebus in that he was an early supporter of SCROTUS, and has always been a die-hard Trumpeteer, no matter what.

What does this say about SCROTUS?  That it doesn’t pay to be on his side.  SCROTUS treats his biggest fans like dirt, and has no qualms about throwing anyone under the bus if he perceives it as expedient, self-serving, and a distraction for the masses.  This fake president, appointed by the Electoral College, is boorish and uncivilized.  He went to the Midwest last week to speak to law enforcement officers.  In the process he endorsed roughing up people being arrested.  Not that we needed any more proof, but that exemplifies his lack of humanity.

I keep telling myself – patience.  Must have patience.

Until next week….



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