End of Week 268 – I Hate Summer…


Yes, this week’s picture is a desperate attempt at remembering that these horrid weather conditions will not last forever.  We are entering the last week of July.  That alone would be reason enough for the weather, but it is also the week of the Delaware State Fair.  Ask anyone who has lived in this state more than a few years and he/she will tell you that it would not be Fair Week unless it was 95 degrees and 95 percent humidity, with a couple of days of severe storms thrown in there for good measure.

I do not deal with heat and humidity well.  It keeps me from working out as much as I’d like.  It keeps me from sleeping.  Our home is handling it pretty well, but my reaction to the weather is probably as much psychological as physical.   First, I dread the heat and humidity.  Next, I know what’s coming – cricket season.  We were at a birthday party for our grandson yesterday and I saw a huge black cricket.  It was outside, but it means the season has started.  We usually hear cicadas first, but not this year.  There is also the lack of rain.  We are not in an extreme drought like sometimes happens, but we are going on a couple of weeks without the rain we need.  I think my reaction to midsummer is why I love rainy days so much.

Of course, there is always a silver lining.  In this case it is that our solar panels can take all these sunny days and convert them into money.  We have not been able to turn off our AC, but we have a credit of several hundred dollars built up with our regular electric company, so we may be ok.

Another silver lining – I get to watch the backyard birds at the feeders.  The male goldfinches are a bright yellow and the morning glories have bloomed so there is also the occasional hummingbird.  I’ve seen lots of cardinals, and house finches, along with chickadees and blue jays.  And I’ve seen lots of squirrels.

Our guests from Germany will be leaving Monday. I’ll be sad to see them go.  It has been a very enjoyable visit.  I’m sure they will be happy to escape this heat, however.

The news has been interesting.  The number of attendees at DTJr’s Russia meeting is now up to 8.  The story behind this changes daily.  Then it was reported that SCROTUS is looking into the breadth of his pardoning power.  Yesterday morning he released another tweet storm, posting 5 or 6 separate tweets.  In one he said “all” are in agreement that he has “complete power” to pardon.  Of course, everyone except his die-hard supporters immediately wondered, 1. Just who is “all”? and 2. How does SCROTUS feel now that he has had a chance to use his two favorite words relating to himself, “complete power”?

He also tweeted a couple of times asking why the independent counsel, Mueller, and congress are not investigating “Crooked Hillary Clinton” and others.  Our toddler in the White House still insists on name calling and constant attempts at distraction through projection.  If you don’t want people to examine something you’ve done, just continuously suggest that others have done it and the focus should be on them.

Finally, Sean Spicer resigned as White House press secretary when Anthony Scaramucci was appointed communications director.  Sarah Huckabee Sanders will become the “frontman” in place of Spicer.  How this will impact matters such as relations with the media remains to be seen.  I have read that Scaramucci has no communications experience, being a former Goldman Sachs banker, and that he can be kind of a “loose cannon”.  We’ll see….

Until next week….


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