End of Week 267 – That’s his story and he’s sticking to it….


There’s not much to talk about on the eating and exercising front, so I thought I’d give an update on our solar experiment.  This week’s picture is from back when we got our solar panels installed.  The system went live the beginning of April this year.  By the end of May our bill with our regular electric company was a NEGATIVE $73, meaning we produced more power than we used and sold the excess to our electric company.  By the end of June our NEGATIVE balance had grown to $375.

It is now mid July, and the temperatures and humidity have shot up and stayed there.  This summer is on track to be constantly hot, humid, and miserable.  We will see what happens to our credit balance with the electric company.  The air conditioning is on all the time, but we have it set on 76-77.  Last summer we had a problem with our house getting incredibly hot whenever the outside temps hit around 95.  The heat from the day was getting trapped in our attic (where the AC ductwork is) and heating the air coming from the AC unit.  We do not seem to have that problem this year despite having several 95 degree days already.  I think it is a combination of my husband figuring out a way to vent some air from the attic and having the solar panels on the roof.  I believe the panels capture most of the sun’s heat and keep the air in the attic from getting too hot.

We lease our solar panels – only the very rich can afford to buy them.  We pay a flat $268 per month to lease the panels.  What it costs to lease depends on how many panels you have – we have a lot.  There are several companies that have lease programs.  We use Solar City and have been very satisfied so far.  The only time something went wrong with the equipment (a problem not of Solar City’s making) they knew about it before we did.

We have family visiting from Germany.  Haven’t seen them in years.  It is so nice to have them here!

This week the news has revolved around a meeting between Donald Trump Jr. and a Russian attorney.  At least that is what we were told at first.  As the week progressed, the number of meeting attendees increased.  We are now up to 5 or 6 people, all associated with SCROTUS somehow.  The administration and SCROTUS say it was a “nothing meeting” that lasted no time and involved nothing.  They seem oblivious to the real point.  When DTJr received an email about having the meeting in the first place it stated that the meeting was specifically for the purpose of DTJr obtaining dirt on Hillary Clinton that the Russian government wanted him to have.  It doesn’t matter that the actual meeting was a disappointment; the point is DTJr’s intent.  He was willing to work with Russia, somehow, to get information that would be detrimental to Clinton’s campaign.  Russia wanted SCROTUS to win, and this was just one of many attempts to influence the outcome of the election.

The problem with the administration’s reaction to this meeting is the same as the problem they have with the entire Russian issue.  They keep pointing out that Russia didn’t change any votes.  That is probably true, at least physically.  I really don’t think anyone working on Russia’s behalf went in and switched votes or anything like that.  However, just like with the meeting, that’s not the point.  The point is that any hacking occurred at all.  The point is while there may not have been any actual vote changing, Russia certainly tried to affect US voters psychologically.  The point is that they tried at all, and if anyone in the US worked with them in any way they should be made to answer for their actions.  In any event, this is going to take a while and we must be patient.

Until next week….


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