End of Week 266 – Same Stuff, Different Stage…


I’m still trying to figure out my eating and exercise.  Got to most of my workouts last week, but the gym is so humid in this weather that I get to work dripping wet.  At work we are trying to get a major project done with almost no people.  Retirement is looming and I need to prepare paperwork.  I have a lot on my mind.

The main distraction this week has been the G20 summit in Hamburg, Germany and the business that preceded it.  So many things this week left the US citizenry shaking its collective head.

In Poland SCROTUS made a speech that was well received by the bussed in crowd.  He spent most of the speech criticizing the USA and the freedoms for which it is supposed to stand.  Think about that for a minute.  We now have an appointed president who goes overseas and trashes the USA, and then expects to be adored by the people he trashed.  We shake our collective head.

At the summit in Hamburg, how it went depends on whose interpretation you believe.  The meeting between SCROTUS and Putin was big news.  We were told SCROTUS confronted Putin about Russian meddling in the election.  “Confronted” may be a strong word – how much can SCROTUS really challenge his handler?  Putin denied any meddling.  The minions of SCROTUS then said he listened to Putin and moved on to more important matters. (Question: What is more important than the event that is the basis for our democratic republic?)  The minions of Putin said SCROTUS “accepted” Putin’s denial and stated that some people in the US are feeding the conspiracy.  Who are we to believe?  Personally, I don’t fully believe either one, but I think the description given by Putin’s people is probably closer to the truth.  After all, SCROTUS had to stay on his handler’s good side.  What it boils down to is a lot of nothing.  We shake our collective head.

There were meetings about trade.  There were meetings about climate change.  And there were headlines about how all the nations were in agreement except the US, and the others are going to do what they have to, without us.  SCROTUS is taking the USA toward an increasingly isolationist position.  He calls it “America First”, but a more accurate name would be “America Alone”.  This is not a realistic position in a world of instant communication and social media.  We shake our collective head.

During one of the big summit meetings SCROTUS left, and his daughter sat in his place.  Picture that.  The person representing our nation in a gathering of 19 other nations wasn’t our Secretary of State, or one of our other diplomatically experienced professionals, or even someone knowledgeable in national security.  The person representing our nation was an unqualified, inexperienced, apolitical (by her own admission, if you believe it), fashion designer!  And his daughter, to boot!  This is completely unacceptable, even for a short time.  We shake our collective head.

There will be plenty of head shaking to come what with North Korea, the Middle East, and the healthcare debate looming.  Those are topics for another time.  For now, we need to comprehend how embarrassing SCROTUS was; how he damaged the way our country is perceived by the rest of the world; how we are no longer the leader of the free world; and how he has damaged the national psyche.  I hope we survive to consider all this.

Until next week….



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